Saturday, December 1, 2012

Religion's Negative History Toward Vegetarianism

Christians burned witches and warlocks at the stake during the Inquisition, and just may have made a few judgment errors, since they would threaten to kill a woman for being a witch, but told her they would torture her less if she named some other witches (which she nearly always would).  I figured with this method Christians were burning people other than just witches and warlocks! 

For fun, I typed "vegetarian heresy" and was amazed at my findings!  Christians killed vegetarians, not only during the Inquisition, but before those times. They wiped out the Cathars, a vegetarian group of people in the south of France, the Manichaens, and Bogomils and a few other groups.  They even had a test where they would ask the person to kill an animal and eat it, and if they refused - they got burned.  I wonder if they got eaten.  Such barbaric people, those Christians of just a few hundred years ago.

I do realize that they may have killed some of these people because of political views and the vegetarian issue may have not been the reason for all of these killings and I think we will never know the answer, since they destroyed evidence, but we have one writing that specifically told about the "kill an animal and eat it" test. 

To this day Christians are writing against vegetarianism.  Ministers vehemently argue that their congregations eat meat. There are a few who try the Daniel Fast for a month, which is like being vegan but taking all the good vegan food away!   

Christians ask permission to be vegetarian and are denied.  (Why are they asking a minister what they can eat?)  The idea "Animals are God's gift to us and it is an insult for us to NOT eat them" is rampant to this day.  I was just shocked when I googled it and poked around.  Of course, comments are monitored and "upon approval" under any articles so I can't make my opinion known as my comment is never approved!  If an animal were a gift for us, why aren't they lined up as a gift?  Why do they struggle as you and I struggle for our lives?  And if you use an excuse about you "being a predator," why are we the only animals who cook our food?  Do you see any other animals out there who are creeping around, wearing the coat of another animal?  No hats or belts on those predators. 

I am not surprised that ministers argue for their right to eat any food they wish.  Their BBQs and potlucks are important because it makes the cooks who are usually women feel needed and keeps the people coming to the church and socializing.  This is not a sexist statement - Christian women see themselve as "doing roles" as a Christian and being a "helper" and "servant" to the male.  They have the problem, not I!

Did you know many people thought Jesus was a vegetarian?  Somehow they have claimed that he did not eat the one fish he fed to the multitudes; however, he would have been considered vegetarian even if he ate fish back then because people thought vegetarians are allowed to eat fish, due to the fact that they erroneously believed fish gave birth asexually, instantaneously and therefore, the fish had no souls! Their reasoning continued that if an animal bred by sexual means, then souls were in the bodies of the female and male fish and if you consumed them, you could trap souls in your own body!  Therefore, eating fish was considered vegetarian.  Of course, this excuse from ignorance does not hold water today, yet we still hear people claim to be vegetarian who eat fish! 

But there are books that were left on the cutting room floor when the Council of Nicea met and were deciding what to put into the Bible.  They had a storyline picked out for the Bible and wanted to use books that would agree with their decisions. The books where Jesus was a vegetarian (Nazaretes and Essenes) and there could have been something useful about being gentle toward animals was left out of the Bible purposely, with the excuse that those books were fraudulent.  Of course, all of them are fraudulent, but the men on the council did not want to give up their meat.

Interestingly, there were religions such as the Cathars, who tried to follow what they claimed early Christianity was about; and it looks like they actually were much more accurate than what ended up in the Bible!  What does it say about a God who is supposed to have made a new "covenant"; a new idea about religion, and then not only allowed it to turn into a different concept entirely by men who claim to be "inspired by God" and argued about what books to put in, but the groups who tried to follow the original ideas about Christianity were murdered by the Christians who spouted that the other religions were all false! 

Makes the mind dizzy!


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