Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Rapture and the Second Coming - It's a Mystery to Me!

Did you ever stop and picture yourself being raptured up to be with Jesus?  How did it go – did you just fly up and meet him in the sky in your neighborhood and then go on up to your Heavenly home?

Yes, Jesus is planning on meeting you in the sky, but at what location?  How will you see him when you can’t even see past the trees at the end of your block?  Jesus seems to be interested in a renewal of Jerusalem, and I kind of doubt he will be waiting for you over Bad Axe, Michigan.

Anyway, you will have to be zoomed over to Jerusalem to meet Jesus in the sky, as far as I can tell, and then you will journey on to Heaven, along with all the dead people who were good Christians who will come out of their graves to fly up to Heaven too.  They may be half-eaten by worms or just skeletons - it could be gross; unless they are given a spirit body on the spot.  I am not sure what air you will breathe, since it is hard enough breathing at Arapaho Basin in Colorado.  How are asthmatic, overweight Christians going to make the journey to Heaven, being whisked up “in a moment?” 

Well, we will assume everyone made the trip alive.  Or you died and are all spirits.  After you are up in Heaven for awhile, according to a very knowledgeable Christian site about Heaven that I visited on the Internet, you will come back to earth with Jesus and his horse and sword, where he will destroy everyone who is left behind.  That would be all the people of the other religions and a good share of my friends and me.  So you will get to see us wait for Jesus to swing his mighty sword at us and kill us all, including the Antichrist (Who or what the heck is he?  Last I knew, it was President Obama.)  After all the murdering, you will watch Jesus establish a Millennial Kingdom.  For whom?  For youm, I guess!  Somehow, I feel the Jews have been swindled, because Jesus was a Jew and when he was supposedly alive, he supposedly said he would come back and restore everything to his fellow Jews, and during their lifetimes at that! 

I guess you all will live in Jerusalem for awhile – not sure how long.  Not sure if you are alive or dead at this point, since you have already been to Heaven.  Not sure if you are returning to Heaven, but I would assume you are – and that makes me wonder why it was so important to restore the Millennial Kingdom.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eternal Life! (No Matter What!)

Humans really seem to have a tendency to be hopeful.  I think that is why they developed an afterlife – because they really want to live on. 

Even after I knew there was no afterlife, I found I still had those hopeful tendencies.  I thought I might exist, somehow.  Many secularists do think there might be some life “in another realm” or “a force for goodness” or “my atoms will incorporate with other atoms and I will live again”; but the evidence is not as rosy.

According to Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist, "The mind is the brain.  The brain is made of atoms.  We know how atoms work.  The laws of physics relevant to the atoms in your body are known and there is no room for new laws of physics that would affect how the atoms in your brain actually work.  When you die, your brain decomposes, and atoms eventually decompose, with all that information that was “you” stuck in those atoms, and there is no way for the information to leave your body, or to persist after your death."   Oh, thanks, Sean.

Then Sean goes on and destroys all hope, by telling us the fate of the universe.  Even though there may be multiverses, our universe will burn out one day, billions of years from now and even the black holes will disappear.  Our universe will then exist as nothing – no time or space or anything – just nothing.  Just stab me, why don’t you, Sean!

Yet, I still feel I might escape!  (That is the human condition at work!)  I imagine that one atom of mine (that somehow has all of my personality and my looks contained in that one atom) escapes out a porthole into the universe next door, and I live on! 

Isn’t that funny how we just do not want to die and we cannot allow ourselves to fully accept that we will not live on.  We keep hold of the slightest hope that we will live eternally – and without arthritis!  Just like in the movie, Cocoon, “You’ll never get old, and you’ll never die!”