Monday, January 2, 2017


Fundamentalists have morality so screwed up. I was conversing with a fundamentalist awhile back and told him what the evidence is about death. He did not like my answer, and said that I would burn in Hell if I did not give my life over to “the lord.” I told him I would have to speak hypothetically, since I will be talking about the Hell I don’t believe in with him. I said, that if I died and went to Hell, I could not burn, because it takes mass and matter to burn, and a spirit has no mass or matter, so it cannot burn.

Now this is now sick a religion can make a person. He nearly yelled back that I would most certainly burn! God has spirit fire that would burn my spirit body! Of course, he made that whole part up, because it says nothing about “spirit fire” in the Bible. (Correct me if I am wrong.) He was so caught up in making sure I would be punished, because I had to be in order for his religion to work. But this is how deranged a person can become that he/she will make up “spirit fire” to make sure I burn!

Most fundamentalists do not even realize that their religion is very violent. I would never tell a person he/she will burn, nor would I worship any god that gives such an ultimatum. They do not realize that they are supporting a violent god and accept a violent death for simply thinking this particular god does not exist. They think their religion is about love and that they chose their religion for love, but I think they chose it more out of fear. They became religious to make sure they would go to Heaven instead of Hell. It is a religion continued because of fear. I will agree that they like the feeling that can be brought forth in their own bodies because of being religious or going to religious services, but I still think their religious foundation is fear - such fear that they do not allow themselves to think through what kind of a god they are worshiping, and how it diminishes their own morality to worship such a god.
I also know that many Muslims believe that a person who goes to Hell will get new skin every time their skin burns off, so that they can eternally burn! Interesting that the two religions are so similar with their concepts of burning in Hell and rewards in Heaven. Realize that one of the two religions is wrong, and the Muslims are sure it is the Christians who are wrong, and the Christians are sure it is the Muslims who are wrong. A lot of people of one faith or another (and all the rest of the religions and the nonreligious) will be burning in Hell! Or not – because the idea of a torturous Hell and a strong duality comes from Zoroastrianism - and is made up.

The religious accept so much violence in their religions of peace and love, and dutifully warn people that they’d better obey the rules (like the slaves of an imaginary god that they are); and it reminds me of a horrid scene I saw (on video) when a truck carrying pigs overturned a half a block from the slaughterhouse. For dramatic effect, I will tell you that the injured pigs inside the truck sounded so very human as they screamed. Ex-slaughterhouse workers have said that pigs screaming sound eerily like humans, but I never thought they did until I heard these very real screams of pain and of desperation. Now that you are sickened by that thought (as I want you to be because I am vegan), I will get back to the point of my story.

Security and employees, some of them in shirts and ties because this was both a slaughterhouse and a main pork production facility with offices, came out to get the pigs and made them walk the half block to their deaths. It is a law that pigs must be able to walk in order for them to be slaughtered. There were two pigs that were lying on the grass injured, and animal activists were begging the employees to let them take these two pigs for medical help and to an animal sanctuary. These pigs could not walk so they were not fit to be slaughtered and could not be used as food. An aside: These two pigs were on the grass in the sunlight for the first time and were sniffing the grass!

But the employees were so intent on “doing the right thing,” following rules, that they refused to let the activists take the pigs, and instead, brought out a piece of cardboard just big enough to hide each pig’s body, and shot each pig with a bolt gun. The employees had lost all sense of morality, but thought they were doing the right thing; and out of fear, they followed orders. The activists watched helplessly and horrified at the pigs convulsing and writhing in pain as they very slowly died. They were then picked up (and I saw one make a movement, so he was still alive) by a shovel and they were thrown in the garbage bin.

The employees callously disposed of their lives, instead of showing kindness and caring and allowing the activists to take the two pigs and give them a good life. I saw the pigs that did not make it, dead on the truck. They died. That’s it. No Heaven, no Hell, no Spirit Fire. They went through enough Hell on Earth thanks to those who still demand meat. Bear witness to the reality.

The pig story (absolutely true) and many of Bite Size Vegan’s expressive words were taken from her video, "I've Lost All Hope for Humanity."