Sunday, May 26, 2013

The New Pope and His Irrelevant Opinion about Atheists

I had to laugh at Pope Francis' proclamation that atheists will go to Heaven if they do good while on earth.  This is almost humanistic in thought, and I have heard Unitarians with this philosophy!  It’s quite amusing, since most atheists not only do not think any Heaven exists, but also do not like the idea that Heaven is an exclusive country club when others warrant eternity in Hell due to their circumstances during life.  It’s just too small minded.  It's like watching a child's mind develop when watching Christians slowly change their views to become more accepting.

What it should show to Catholics and other Christians is that this pope just gave his opinion, just as other popes gave their opinions on subjects and that these are not “words directly from God through the popes,”  as each one says something different when he gets into his position as pope.    

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where Do Meat Eaters Get Their B12?

People are still warning us vegans, "You might have difficulty getting all your nutrients - like B12."  They ask us where we get our B12, and our responses vary from "I don't really worry about it," to "I get it from eating dirty vegetables."  Both of those answers are more rare, because the usual answer is more measured; after all, we are careful to get our nutrition.  So most of us list off our special great quality nutritional yeast, fortified soy milks, fortified cereals, supplements, etc. as our sources of B12, and then the meat eaters say, "Oh, that's not natural; you aren't getting your B12 from regular foods."

I have to wonder, do the meat eaters know where they get their B12? 

Sure, they get it from meat, but how did it get in the meat? 

If the animals are allowed to graze, the animals will get their B12 from the dirt, just like the vegans who do not wash their vegetables.  If the animals are factory farmed, they get their B12 from supplements added to their food. 

What?!!!  The meat eaters are eating supplemented B12 by way of an animal's flesh.  Second-hand B12!  That sounds rather putrid.  Further, they have no idea whether they are getting a small amount of B12, none at all (what if the animals did not consume or absorb the B12), or way too much B12?  Chances are, they do not get very much, as vegans often have more B12 in their systems than meat eaters.  That is probably because we do not go through an animal to get our nutrients.

I just found this information enlightening and rather amusing and thought I would share.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What Happened To All the Drawings Today?

Very few people participated in Draw Mohammed Day this year.  It did not get the advanced publicity as it has in years past, and honestly, I think there was too much atheist infighting:  their minds were not on getting rid of harmful religions, but instead their minds were on insulting each other.  I hope it stops soon and they get back to making good videos. 

I am encouraged that I see Thunderf00t with a scientific explosion post on Facebook and a Draw Mohammed Day video.  I think he is taking the hint from his friends that we him to do what he does best!  Hopefully if he no longer responds to his antagonizers, they will stop. 

Anyway, I hope they "resurrect" Draw Mohammed Day next year and have more participants! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Damaging Dutiful Christian View

I was listening to some gospel singer on television today who spoke to the audience in the middle of her song.  “Listen,” she said, “It’s been getting hotter here in Atlanta, every year.  We don’t have winters anymore. Something is wrong! “

Here would be a good time for her to talk about global warming a/k/a climate change, and what can be done to slow the process.  But instead, she continued:

“We’ve got to change!!!  We’ve got to change!!!  And without telling the audience what they needed to change, she sang for the next ten minutes.  But even I know she had no intention of addressing the issue of climate change, but was talking about how all people must come to God and take Jesus as their savior.  Of course, her entire audience nodded throughout the song, mechanically agreeing, as they agree with every single thing any preacher says. The duty of these Christians is to believe that God will continue to punish those “made in his image” for their wicked ways. 
So what are these important themes that Christians feel should be changed, besides simply becoming a Christian?  Number one on their list is actually a tie:  1. Give birth to every single fetus, and 2. Only let penises go into vaginas.  Apparently, fixing the two “abominable sins” called abortion and homosexuality will end global warming, tsunamis, droughts, forest fires and tornados.  Less important issues on their list include card playing, movie going, and crossing your legs while dancing, but these will cause hurricanes and earthquakes as well. 

Given our present population at 7 billion and the fact that there are more pressing issues than where someone puts his penis in the privacy of his bedroom, I feel a very strong calling to take Christianity down.  This calling is not coming from God, but from rationality.  We cannot count on religious people to protect our earth.  They are too busy checking vaginas and penises.