Sunday, May 26, 2013

The New Pope and His Irrelevant Opinion about Atheists

I had to laugh at Pope Francis' proclamation that atheists will go to Heaven if they do good while on earth.  This is almost humanistic in thought, and I have heard Unitarians with this philosophy!  It’s quite amusing, since most atheists not only do not think any Heaven exists, but also do not like the idea that Heaven is an exclusive country club when others warrant eternity in Hell due to their circumstances during life.  It’s just too small minded.  It's like watching a child's mind develop when watching Christians slowly change their views to become more accepting.

What it should show to Catholics and other Christians is that this pope just gave his opinion, just as other popes gave their opinions on subjects and that these are not “words directly from God through the popes,”  as each one says something different when he gets into his position as pope.    

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