Saturday, June 8, 2013

Having Fun with The Flat Earth Society!

This is about The Flat Earth Society's beliefs, but see if you can pick up my views about Christianity in general from reading this article. 
I found a drawing of a Flat earth as believed by The Flat Earth Society. The Flat Earthers take the Bible literally and actually believe what is said in the Bible about the earth, i.e., the earth is a circle, spread out, and people can go to the ends of the earth.  Nowhere does it say or imply “sphere” in the Bible, by the way. There is a dome like the Superdome above, and some believe the earth is held up by pillars as it mentions the pillars in a few places in the Bible such as Job, and a rectangular shape is mentioned in the Bible so that is thrown in as well.  The composite looks like this picture!

If the Flat Earthers think differently, they believe they will not be a Christian - and they think all other Christians who believe in a round earth are not true Christians. This is how a religion takes over and pushes logic and common sense off the edge of the earth! : )I can certainly understand how people believed the earth was flat in ancient times, since the people did not have cars or planes to travel and lived in generally flat lands.  But with our satellite pictures, detailed maps of the universe, and pictures our astronauts took, there is no rational reason for anyone to believe in a flat earth.  Think about it: these people have to deny maps, the core of the earth and all the rock layers, the distance of the galaxies, our travels to the moon and all the measurements.  If everyone were to become Flat Earthers, what would happen to space discovery or progress in geography, geology, cosmology or any science?  The Flat Earthers look at a story in Joshua and came up with their belief that the sun and the moon are ten miles apart!  Anyone see a problem with the sun being 10 miles from the moon?  The Flat Earth Society originated in Illinois.  We can be so proud.

I would say the Flat Earthers are entitled to their beliefs, but they should not discount scientists and cannot with any sense of rationality expect for us to “teach the controversy” as if this is a valid “theory.”  There are those who teach their children the earth looks like this picture.  It limits those kids’ abilities to appreciate what we actually have discovered.  Hopefully, we will not see them running for offices of the United States, getting on School Boards so their “science" can get pushed through instead of going through rigorous tests and Peer Review the way real science does, and the worst case scenario would be if one of them were appointed to the National Science Committee.  But we are too rational for that, aren't we?

Picture drawn by Mr. Kari A. Tikkamen

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