Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vaccines - what is not in them!

I recently got into a discussion with an anti-vaccination Christian, and the ending was not pretty, as she was offended by my facts.  However, it always means I learn something while I quickly look up information to counter the emotional anti-medicine, anti-doctor, anti-science, anti-sense sensationalism.
So here is the low down on mercury, taken largely from the source below my writing:

Which is in your vaccines, ethylmercury or methylmercury?  Do you know the difference and do you know the answer?  The answer in most cases is neither.  There are trace amounts of ethylmercury in some flu vaccines and a trace amount in some DTaP vaccines although mercury free options are available, and there are more formulations that are mercury free.  Although I am just beginning to learn about this subject, it seems to me that the normal vaccines given to children are mercury free.

If there are trace amounts of mercury in a shot, ethylmercury does not build up in the system like methylmercury does and methylmercury is never used in vaccines.  Where do we find methylmercury?  In the fish people consume where it accumulates and is concentrated.  I should make a meme with people stuffing their mouths with fish while discussing the dangers of mercury supposedly in vaccines!

There is a chart at the end of the article I attached which shows all the vaccines with no mercury at all and the ones with trace amounts.  (Ethylmercury is a preservative and improves effectiveness of the vaccine.) Although I err on the side of caution and I do not take flu vaccines because I haven’t been sick at all in years, the scientists have done extensive safety studies.  I doubt anyone here has had 1000 times the proper dose, which would cause side effects and does in the tests they have performed!  Even then, there is no link to autism and never has been any link to autism.

If you need to be protected from getting meningitis, you may have to have a vaccine with a little ethylmercury.  I am sure you will be happy to take the risk as meningitis itself causes severe brain injury.
So any time you see a person talking about how dangerous vaccines are and pointing to them containing mercury, you have a handy chart showing that most likely the vaccines they are talking about have no mercury at all; and if they did themselves have a shot containing ethylmercury (in the form of Thimerosal) as a child in the "old days," any ethylmercury has long since left their bodies.

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  1. What about the fact that many vaccines contain animal ingredients and are tested on animals? Wouldn't this conflict with your vegan beliefs?