Thursday, January 28, 2016

Magical Healing

Have you ever noticed that devout Christians will go into the hospital with a serious illness and will update Facebook from their hospital bed, asking for the prayer chain (you know, “Praying, Prayers being sent, Praying for you!!!” etc.), but will never tell you what is wrong with them?  They keep the malady very vague, so they can come out of the hospital later and claim they were magically healed by the Holy Spirit and all the prayers from friends! 

This recently occurred with a relative of mine.  I knew she was in the hospital because of a heart condition due to an abnormality at birth.  Now, five kids and 300 pounds later, she needed three vials of blood because her red blood cell count was low.  But all she wrote what that the doctors did not know what was wrong with her. 

Another example is Val Kilmer.  He has had a tumor on his neck, and probably had Cancer, but we don’t know that for certain because he simply called it a “concern” and then a “swelling;” although I think he finally admitted it was some kind of tumor, but that it is well now.  Meanwhile he was walking around with a tracheotomy, a breathing aid, and was in and out of the hospital!  He looks better now, and I see no words from him explaining the illness.  That’s Christian Science for you!