Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stuck in Hell Together! (Heaven would seem like Hell if everyone were there!)

I think it is funny that each religion thinks they have the right religion, the right beliefs, and the right holy books. They each have their reason to support that theirs is right. My friend, Paul Swanson, noted that all of us are going to Hell. Just as the Christian religion sends others to Hell, other religions, that are all also "the one true way," send Christians to Hell. So all of us are being sent to Hell by another religion! I will see you all in Hell!

Here is a fun thing to think about: The Nation of Islam believes that black people will go to Heaven first, because they were the first people on earth and because blacks suffered the most. But if blacks suffered the most, where shall we then place the Native Americans? Where shall we place the other religions and races that were totally wiped out? White people, I think we will be last in Heaven, according to the Nation of Islam. Oh ya, we are all going to Hell. I forgot.

What I find fascinating is that the Nation of Islam was devised in 1930. This is how quickly a religion can manifest itself in a culture. This is how quickly people can become followers of a religion and devote their lives to a God and belief system. Now, there are some good things about any religion; otherwise no one would follow it. So I am not just picking on this one religion, and saying it is totally bad. It's just my example of the day.

The Nation of Islam quickly developed a huge following, and I am assuming it is because it finally puts blacks on an equal footing, and a little ahead as "the chosen," and it has a hopeful message (mixed in with the bunk) that many people want to hear.

It is just another version of "the chosen people." If you are in a religion other than the traditional protestant Christianity, are you told that your particular religion is "chosen," "the one God wants everyone to be like?" Somehow, I think the answer is yes, if you are still under the umbrella of the Abrahamic religions.