Friday, September 13, 2013

New Pig Concentration Farm in My Area

A huge pig farm has been constructed in Assumption, IL, a half hour from where I live. There was an open house to celebrate this future concentration camp; before the 2,400 pigs arrived of course. They assured people they will take good care of the pigs, and answered questions such as "keeping pigs indoors under controlled conditions keeps them safer." The newspaper article about it was sickening. Does the average reader realize pigs like to run, but can't even move around on these farms? I wonder if anyone noticed that the pigs come to the farm at 12 pounds and six months later are 260 pounds and "ready to leave." That is a tremendous amount of weight to put on in such a short amount of time. This genetic manipulation and feed manipulation and hormone manipulation should be seen as abuse in itself. Very frustrating to find out that 90 such facilities have popped up in Illinois in the past few years, and more are planned. They are advertising these farms as good supplements to corn and soy fields.

Searching for God, Oh! Part 2

The rabbit that is pulled out of the hat the most often is the magic of "free will." 20 school children are shot and God is silent. Why? People had free will. It's the excuse for every occasion that cannot be explained when God should have intervened but was silent. Interestingly, in the Bible, God gave free will way back in the story of Adam and Eve, yet tells Abraham years later to kill his son, manages wars and even participates on the ground in one, and comes down from the heavens very close to Moses and friends. He seemed to violate the free will argument right from the start, yet, now that we look for evidence of God, there is only toast.

Searching for God, Oh! Part 1

I have been asked so many times "Did someone hurt you and that's why you shy away from the Church?" And I have been told that I must be "searching, yearning, lost, depressed, angry . . . " It occurs to me that it is necessary to the Fundamentalist Christian storyline that I have some "need"; so that it can be fixed by becoming a Christian. I must be needy and broken in order to be saved. They try very hard to bring down happy people. Have a great and happy day everyone!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kapparot Could Be Changed - By Using Change - Instead of Chickens

In the next few days, streets in upstate New York will be filled with dying chickens, as many of the non-inquisitive Jewish people will purchase a chicken, pick the chicken up in the manner shown below – by pinching its wings together - and swing the terrified chicken around their heads 3 times in order to absorb their sins. The reason I say non-inquisitive is because nowhere in the Torah or Talmud does it mention this practice. Now that the person is totally sinless and the chicken is filled with sin, it will be chopped up in front of the family to then given to the poor. A few rabbis are requesting better treatment of the chickens as in the article below. How will that be enforced? Better treatment means not breeding them for the Kapparot in the first place. Why not swing money in a kerchief instead? Seriously, look at picture– how is this good treatment of chickens?