Friday, March 30, 2018

Forced Forgiveness Is Harmful

No one has to forgive. It can be nice if you can and sometimes it is helpful, but sometimes I do not think it is the best answer. For instance, there are a few things in my life I do not want people to forgive me for. I want them to understand what happened, but I feel I would get off too easily if they forgave me. I do not forgive most people, but I sure do like when they change and I let the bad situations that person caused recess in my brain; but I don't forget either! "Forgive and forget" is bad advice! Forced forgiveness, as they do in churches, is harmful.
I don't forgive or forget my piano teacher for molesting me, for instance, nor do I think I should! I can accept that it happened and I can understand how it happened, and I can still love the good things about my piano teacher and be glad that I took lessons from him for other reasons; but I will never forgive him. Nor should anyone else - but that's up to you how you handle things. This is just my opinion.

So we have Easter coming up - a holiday about the sun and seasons and spring renewal that was taken over by a start-up religion to become a celebration of a fictitious man who rises from the dead after being killed by his father, the all-powerful, all-wise god. The reason for a sacrifice of an innocent person? To forgive people "for their sins!" Forgiving is not necessary! Even animals make poor judgment calls and mistakes, and here we are in a very complex society trying to deal with all sorts of people every day. We will make mistakes. It is to be expected and not to be seen as a "sin" or a "failing"; it should be seen as us not having the smarts to give a better response at the time. But if I want forgiveness or at least for the other person to understand why I lashed out, for instance, I need to talk to that person. There is absolutely no reason to switch to asking forgiveness from a third-party - a sky-god. It's like getting another person involved who has nothing to do with the situation and is not as important as the person I hurt. I can guarantee you, if I asked a sky-god for forgiveness because I wanted forgiveness, the sky-god would forgive me. I wonder why?!
There are times I forgive a person, especially if I overall like that person, but there are other times I just accept the situation happened and that's the way that person is, or I understand that the person used a poor choice of words, and move on. Sometimes, I learn from the situation just who that person is and what their mindset is and learn I don't trust that person! That is smarter than forgiving the person and hanging around a person who will harm you.
Why does it take bloodshed for an all-powerful god to forgive when he could just forgive? Why did he have to add the torture story? What a poor example he has set. Violence as a solution!
As you celebrate a "perfect person" (whose story and personality were not perfect in my opinion), and give thanks to an "all-loving" god who seems quite imperfect, perhaps add some humanistic features such as giving thanks for those who made your food, and try to eat less meat and dairy because they come from animals who were tortured and killed as youngsters, which is never good. Enjoy great company if you have friends and family over, and be thankful for that! Be thankful for having a life! Be thankful for warmer weather and a sun whose rays will be felt again! Enjoy the holiday without the yearly, "He is risen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" proclamations. No one escapes death. No one gets rewarded for doing better than someone else in this life. The rewards for having a good life - an easy life or a difficult life done well - are your own and for those around you and for whatever positive effect you left while you were living on this earth.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Too Much?

I'm creating some T shirts which takes a ridiculously long time because there is so much to figure out about making designs, images and how to create shops on various websites.  If it can go wrong, it will go wrong for me!  However, I am almost ready with nine designs and will be able to get them on the marketplace soon! 

Most of the sayings are pretty catchy.  This one may tick a lot of people off: 

"Desperately trying to save animals from you.  Go Vegan!" 

I doubt anyone seeing me in that shirt will challenge me though - they would be afraid of what it would reveal about themselves.  It kind of blew my mind when I came up with the wording, because that is exactly what we try so hard to do - save animals from all the people who are eating them.  That means you!  I hope the message will get through to those who see it.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year PDF for you!

If you want to try a few vegan recipes, or are a struggling beginning vegan, this PDF is for you.  It has tips, links to great websites, videos and movies, recipes, and personal stories.  The link is a bit weird - you Control/Click on the link and it brings up the Google drive underneath it.  Click on that and you will be at my PDF!  It's called, "How to Be Vegan When You Can't Cook Worth Beans!"

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christians, Homosexuality and Sex

According to Christians, God thinks it is an abomination for people of the same sex to have what, for them, is a normal sexual relationship.  I also say “normal” because it is prevalent in nature and nature is not influenced by our customs.   Yet there is God, claiming he will punish you eternally for having sex in a same-sex relationship. 

How does he know whether you are having sex or not?  He must watch everything you do and listen in on your conversations and even your thoughts to make sure you are comporting yourself in a pure manner.  Every single time you have sex, he is leering over you with a pencil and paper, taking notes about whether you are doing it the proper way manner conservative fundamentalists have sex. 

Can you imagine after you die and stand before him and he reviews your life?  Describing in detail each date that you had sex and what was inappropriate?  And your god must be watching every single person all the time when they are having sex.  That’s a busy god! 

Now you may think I am wrong, and say, “God doesn’t watch such things.”  But then, how will he be able to call someone a sinner, or send them to eternal damnation?  You may respond, “Well, He already knows who will mess up because he made them.  He knows who will have abominable sex!”

Do you see any problem with that?  And just why is it an abomination?  What is so very wrong about it?  If you say, “It’s unnatural,” first off, that is not true; but second, we do a lot that is unnatural in life and it is perfectly fine.   

Wouldn’t it be easier to accept a godless universe with homosexuality as a normal part of many animals’ lives, including ours?  It is so much neater. 


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where Would You Have Stood on Slavery?

At first, I thought this was not a good comparison, but when I thought about the excuses most people use to continue to enslave and kill animals, I think this meme is valid in most instances.  If you are a person who would have been enslaved yourself before the Civil War, this meme shows how you would think if you had been a free person.

Pay attention to the excuses.  They are the same excuses that were used against slavery: 

They are just animals.
They don’t matter.
They don’t have the same feelings as we do.
They aren't as smart as we are.
They don’t know any better.
It says we can in the Bible.
We are supposed to use them.
They are happy.
All we need to do is provide a slightly better life for them.
They won’t be able to function on their own.
We need them and use them in all facets of life.
There will be too big a change if we stop using them.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


    I get a kick out of Christians who say “they don’t judge.” They speak of beautiful sayings such as “turn the other cheek.” Yet, their entire religion is based upon judgment, and the characters they worship sure don’t turn any cheeks!
    Christians don’t have to judge, because God will do it for them. Some even revel in saying, “You just wait to you die! You’ll get yours! God will judge you!”
    What does the Almighty One judge? A concept of a concept.
    The main criteria for floating up to Heaven instead of being thrown into Hell is whether you believe in God and have accepted Jesus as your savior. Put yourself in an atheist’s place - what if you look at the concept of an afterlife, and evidence shows that it does not exist, and you know what happens to the brain during death; you also know the history of other religions and the flaws in the Bible. Based on rational thinking and research, you make informed decisions that you do not believe the concept of God, you do not need to be saved by a character named Jesus, and that there is no afterlife. So you don’t believe the concept (having to believe) in a concept (God/Jesus/afterlife).
    If you are wrong, THIS IS WHAT SENDS YOU TO HELL! You will burn for eternity – tortured – for not believing that you had to believe in the Christian god.
    Sounds more like a religion of revenge to me. If a god exists, then there is purposely no credible evidence for any god and there is purposely a lot of evidence against any god; which means this god intentionally tricked people into not believing. Think about that.
    God is nothing but a concept. You talk for him, you learn about him from a book and from your parents or friends so that you can tell people what he is like. You are told how to communicate with him. All of it is conceptual. There is total silence from this god, even in mass shootings in a church.
    People look for anything good they can find, so they can make an excuse for their silent god. They must retain the concept that he is there and is loving, because the evidence says otherwise. The emotions and a promise of an afterlife drive that need and desire to retain the concept of a loving but vengeful god.
    Just think how petty this is: “not believing in a concept” gives you eternal burning. What really is the crime here – “a person who does not believe” or “a god who sends people to be tortured for eternity simply because they did not believe?”

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Church - The Ultimate Scam

What is the smartest business scheme? To make money while selling nothing. Where do we find this? You already know.

Think about how brilliant it is to create a business around nothing, and find followers and tell those followers they must tell everyone else about the business. Expand that business with lots of stories that are nothing but fiction, and continue building an empire. We have multi-million dollar churches with ministers worth multi-millions of dollars, fed by poor people giving their food money because they bought into the nonexistent deal of a Heavenly reward.

The church sells an imaginary god – after all these years, there is absolutely no credible evidence for a god. No matter how great the church makes you feel, or how great the god in your imagination makes you feel, there is no evidence for any god, and a lot of evidence that there are not any gods.

The church sells an imaginary savior – there is no evidence for a savior or a need to be saved. We have had plenty of dying and rising saviors in our history and none of them have been real. Our current savior is patterned after the old stories of saviors, and there is no credible historical evidence that Jesus ever lived. A “vision” is not a sighting and is a scam. Thus, you are being sold “nothing.”

They have a book that contradicts itself throughout and we know most of the events never happened. We can tell the gospels were written by looking at the Septuagint, and crazy story lines were created in order to “fulfill prophesies.” Yet, you believe them because you are taught that you are doing God’s service and will go to Heaven if you believe.

They teach you from the time you are young that a violent god is “loving and just” and they show you how to ignore the obvious problems in that book. (Perhaps this is why so many people stubbornly see world leaders as good when they are destructive, and stay loyal even when they themselves are losing money because of that leader. This sheepish behavior is taught.)

The con artists of the church give you tools to keep you giving to their business. They tell you to propagate when we know it is detrimental for all life for us to have a high population. They wrap their beliefs in faith – faith is a belief when there is no evidence – and they make you feel special and teach you to proudly proclaim that “all of it is true.” They insist you are the only unique species that has a soul – yet we have never found a soul, except for normal feelings in the brain that are not unique to humans. They tell you that you must have faith and that others are evil, when “others” see the bad things that happen due to what the church teaches you to believe. Most churches teach you prejudice and nationalism and to accept and excuse violence. You may claim that is not true and that you are not violent, but you accept and excuse the violent stories of the Bible, and most believe the U.S. is being smiled upon by God. Most churches teach you it is fine to kill animals and that God insists their only purpose for living is to be a gift for you. Most churches teach you discrimination and how to cover it up. “I love everybody” rings very hollow.

They hold your mind captive when they tell you that it is a sin to doubt, or, when they see that doesn't work, they tell you that you can doubt but you must come to them and they will “counsel you” and get rid of your doubt (by using their book and insisting it is right). They then capture your whole family by making your world revolve around the church. Sure, you may enjoy the people, and the feelings and emotions; but that does not make what they teach you true or the best for our society. Ignoring "the world" and calling it evil does not excuse you from the problems your church's teachings have created in our world. The worst is the time wasted in children's lives, who sit for hours in church when they should be exploring, playing and creating, and who learn very little about how to become a truly peaceful person in today's society.

What we see is the ultimate scam, and you are the victim.