Saturday, November 3, 2018

Arming Americans

Just as Betsy DeVos wants teachers to carry guns, perhaps she needs to insist people who do yoga must carry guns. Maybe those who take ballet lessons should have guns strapped to their tutus. How about gymnastics? Should Simone, Laurie, Aly and Gabby vault and do bars with guns in their leotards?

How about we stop this nonsense of arming more people, and ban AR15's as a start. We must have stronger gun laws with periodic checks, we must tone down violent rhetoric, we must promote a non-violent culture, and we must raise boys to have peaceful hobbies and self esteem that is not built on toughness and aggression.

Friday, November 2, 2018

How Hot do you Want the Heat in your Car to Get?

Have you ever parked your car outside on a sunny day, and then, when you got in the car you find it is hotter than the outside air? The steering wheel is burning to the touch? You do know it is true that you car gets hotter, because we can't keep our pets in the car on a hot day because the car's interior will quickly overheat. This is because light energy from the sun gets into the car, and the interior car surfaces absorb this energy, which heats the car's seat, dashboard, floor, etc. The car's roof and windows then trap the heat, and the whole inside of the car gets hotter.

You and I and all the animals and all the plants - are the dog trapped inside the car. The earth's layer of gases in our atmosphere is our car windows and roof, trapping heat inside.

The earth has a layer of trapped gases that keep heat from escaping. With extra gases from all of our human-caused activities - factories, cars and cows and sheep spewing CO2 and/or methane, the gases become thicker and less heat energy can escape back into space, so our planet continues to warm. This results in climate change - an alteration in the patterns of temperature, wind, rainfall, and major weather-related events over the planet.

Okay, this really wasn't about the heat in your car - this was a post about climate change, but who would have read it with "climate change" in the title?!

- I took a good share of this from Janice Stanger, "Climate Change Simplified."

Monday, October 29, 2018

Free Speech Violations are Increasing

It is against the law to call for violence if it is likely violence will occur from that call. Free speech does have some limits. Gavin McInnes is openly calling for violence. This is against free speech - yet he is on two stations from what I can surmise, and it looks like one of them is FOX. His gang has beat up people who were protesting peacefully.
Trump has openly called for violence that has repeatedly resulted in violence - he has broken the law. But Trump was not arrested, because people love to see him get away with everything - it makes them think they can too. As long as we have this distraction of Trump taking up our time and causing commotion and fights within ourselves, our government can make changes that take away money from us. That is what they have been doing and what they will continue to do.
Oh, and I hope you are not so gullible to think that Republicans are going to protect your health care allowing preexisting conditions because they all of a sudden, right before we vote, they are claiming they will; with no factual evidence and a lot of evidence that they will take it away. They do not care about you. They will take it away. They only want your money and already have stripped most of us of any excess beyond our basic bill paying ability. We must fight this with our vote. We must protect our environment, our country and our money with our vote, even if we are not totally happy with either choice. Our freedom is being taken away by the Republicans, our livelihood and our earth is being destroyed. This administration took away the value of truth, the honor of a person's word.
Start thinking logically on every subject instead of only using your emotions. Realize we, as Americans, as Patriots, must stand up to our government when our government becomes extreme and is against We, The People!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Cube of Truth Brings Out the Truth!

When looking people watching the video at the Cubes of Truth that are in major cities, I see horror and sadness on their faces.  These are people watching what is actually happening on farms and at slaughterhouses. Your food should not be in fear, should not cry, should not scream, should not be in tremendous pain, should not be murdered. If you eat meat and dairy, you are eating fear, sadness, screaming, pain and murder.
Plants do not feel pain. Choose the world of plants for your meals. We now have plant-based beef, chicken, turkey, shrimp, tuna, etc. - any meat you think of, we have a vegan meat you can eat. Our vegan cheeses have improved greatly, and we have American cheese, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella and all kinds of gourmet cheeses. 

Some foods have to be special ordered if you live in a small town - so order a few, find what you like, then go to your grocery stores and ask that they get those foods in as part of their regular inventory.
Or, you can eat plant-based without vegan meats and cheeses, enjoying all kinds of grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, plant-based milks - and the myriad recipes that can be made with these foods.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Common Sense Changes We Must Make to Decrease Violence in the United States

We used to have a ban on AR-15 assault rifles. Did you even notice it at the time? Did it infringe on your rights because you wanted to buy one? If so, why did or do you want to buy an AR-15 assault rifle? Be specific to your particular case. Not some generalized "so I can defend myself just in case." You could defend yourself in many other ways, and you didn't need it when we had a ban on the AR-15. Why are you all in a panic when it is suggested we need to ban it? You are not legally allowed to buy a Russian AK-47 and an AK-74. Are you crying over that and whining that it is infringing on your rights? No? Then why argue over the AR-15?

We must ban the AR-15 again. If you disagree, apparently you do not respect the lives of all the people who have died in the mass shootings. You put an AR-15 over the lives of people.

This is not my only issue. There are many things we must change - I already talked about how we must raise our males differently, and that is one of the most important things we must examine. Our culture must become peace oriented in action as well as thought.

We must vote Blue this November. We have to rein in the vicious, violent talk of Trump. He has instigated a lot of violence, and if you disagree, I know it is because you are willfully ignoring the punches in the face, the calls to rough up people, the rise of white gangs and violent white protests, and the mass shootings that have resulted from his followers who are enamored of Trump.

We have to talk about other things than Trump. I despise having to talk about it here. Unfortunately, when he spews undeserved hatred every day and tells his followers lies, we have to address his words. Currently, he is spending his time going to rallies, working on his own campaign, instead of running the country. His staff inserted some language into his "worship Trump rally" to make him seem sympathetic to those who lost their lives today. You can tell he never saw that part of the speech and that he read it for the first time at the rally. They were not his thoughts.

He should be comforting those people and talking to the whole country, and either at the White House or at the town of the shooting.

He lacks presidential ability in so many ways.

Therefore, we must find a way to change him, and I think voting Blue in November will do the trick, because he changes his ideas according to who is giving him information and who is in power in Congress and Senate.

These are the major things I think we need to change and I know our country will be better for these changes.

The Problem is the White Conservative Christian Male

Once again, we must talk about the latest shooting, and I am just sick of addressing these tragedies. 

It is so obvious who does most of the shootings - white, conservative males. What we need to do is study how they are being raised, and why so many conservative males can't be peaceful. Certainly I have friends who are conservative Christian males who are not violent at all, but we have a terrorist problem in our nation and the most common terrorist is a male - a conservative Christian male. 

Although I have not yet heard many details of the shooting at the Synagogue, my deepest sympathies extend to the congregation and their families. It is obvious that no matter what god you worship, no matter what religion you are, no god will protect you. We must be honest and accept this.
You should be safe. We can't all carry weapons all the time and we should not have to do so. We must fix the problem at its source. Demand that our government admit and address the problem of the violent American white Christian conservative male.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How God Should Respond "When We Get to Heaven"

The god of the Bible is supposed to judge people based solely on whether “they accepted Jesus” or not while they were alive on earth.  Those who did not believe in God will be sent to Hell, because “they had many chances to change”; at least this is the most popular explanation given to me. 

Funny then, that people pray after a person dies, to magically change God’s mind and let the person into Heaven!  At Christian funerals, it is not uncommon to hear a minister claiming that God is forgiving and will certainly accept “Mom” in Heaven, even though she did not believe.  The minister will read off all the good things Mom did, and people in the audience will accept that she made it safely to Heaven, even though they do not believe other people whom they don’t know can make it based on their merits.  I guess it depends (in your own minds) whether a person “has to accept Jesus” in order to get into Heaven, or whether there are exceptions to the rule!

I was surprised to find out there are atheists who still retain some of the fear of “What if you’re wrong?”  They worry about being sent to Hell, even though they don’t believe in Hell!  They simply fear that they may be wrong, so the fear continues.  This usually happens to adults who deconverted out of a fundamentalist household, where fear and the Christian worldview are deeply ingrained in them. 

What should a loving god say when meeting a nonbeliever at the Pearly Gates?  I think it depends on your own personality what you think God should say.  If I were God and a nonbeliever showed up for “judgment,” I would smile and say “Welcome!”  I would chuckle that the person did not believe I was real, and I would assure him that everything would be fine, as I am a loving god that also likes people as well as loves them.  I would explain that Hell was just a fabricated place, made up by people who didn’t know better. 

I would apologize to the nonbeliever that I was not convincing enough for them to believe in me - that I thought my hints were good enough, but I didn’t want to make it too obvious I existed, because I like to be anonymous so people can live their lives as they wish.    

You see, what I just described is what I think a kind, loving God would do.  My god sounds like a really nice human!  But this is not the picture of God that most people believe in. 

If the god I just created (by figuring out how I would like God to act toward me) is so much better and kinder than the god of the Bible, then how can the god of the Bible possibly be a loving god; and if he is supposed to be such a superior being, then how can the god of the Bible possibly be true, as he is much worse than what most people would create if they were to create their own god?  Be honest with yourselves – would you really want to worship the god who is described in the Bible?  Would you even want to be anywhere near him?  How can that be your all-loving, omnipotent God?