Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Choice for President, if I were Republican

Illinois will vote Tuesday, and I thought I would give my opinion of the Republican candidates for those Republicans who are undecided.  I will assume you don’t want to switch parties for this election. 
I have changed my order for whom I would choose to be president if I had to vote Republican.  It used to be Kasich, then Trump, Rubio, Cruz; but Trump cannot focus on issues and instead focuses on polls and popularity.  So now I would recommend Kasich, then Rubio, then Trump, then Cruz.  Yes, I still think Cruz is the worst.  

Cruz wants to get rid of the EPA, the Department of Education, wants to loosen regulations, and wants to make sure every woman or girl who gets pregnant has to pass a volleyball through her vagina, whether she wants to or not, and he has made it harder for women to get contraceptives.  

Do you really know what his policies mean?  This is what he wants to take away from you:
The EPA sets the standards for clean water, clean air, keeps our foods are safe and collects data for every type of environmental hazard in our country.   

The Department of Education awards Pell grants, sees that the states do not break civil rights laws, and monitors inequality in education between low income and wealthy students.  Without the Department of Education, there will be no way to keep schools accountable for the funds they receive, or monitor how programs are working.

Notice the candidates never tell you what “loosen regulations” means?  It could mean allowing companies to pollute as much as they want, for farmers to dump waste wherever they want, for land necessary for species survival to be taken for businesses, for drilling in our national parks, for less monitoring or inspections of food, less labeling of food, less airplane safety, less safe food and drugs, regulations on items such as lead could be cut, and products such as wood could once again slip in items like formaldehyde.  

He’s a climate change denier as well.  He is unwavering and does not care about the consequences to the people, as long as he wins his battle.  

Cruz oversteps religion’s bound in government, using the term “religious liberties” to trump civil rights.  He fights so that only a man and woman can be married to each other, because any other form of love is unchristian and therefore unacceptable under the law, according to him.  Think about that in our secular government!  He fights to have Christian religious monuments and banners in public schools and in other places where it is illegal.  He fights to allow Christians to discriminate.  He claimed the Planned Parenthood murderer was transgender.  That is an absolute lie – Trump is right – Cruz is a bold-faced liar.  Ted Cruz spoke at a rally where gay people were called Satanic.  He only believes the Constitution when is supports his policies.

Lastly, Ted Cruz voted against raising the minimum wage, and his plan will raise taxes on the poor. 
If I were a Republican, switching to a third-party candidate and throwing away my vote would be preferable to voting for Ted Cruz, a very dangerous man for America.