Friday, June 17, 2016

The Holy Books Cause all the Hatred and Violence, but No One Will Even Admit Hateful Words Exist in their Books

Seven preachers celebrated the Orlando shooting! 
The God of the Bible is their source.
God burns down a whole city (women and children
included) simply because they were supposedly homosexual. (Genesis 19:23-25)
God orders the death of witches, sorceresses and anyone who practices magic. (This verse was justification for the Inquisition.) (Exodus 22:18)

God commands that homosexuals be killed for their acts. (Leviticus 20:13)

When are people going to admit this hateful garbage is in their holy books?

I posted this and a couple of other statuses about how the Abrahamic holy books are the source of hatred and violence and causes most of the problems in our world.  I had about 30 hateful and violent Bible verses from just the first five books in the Bible as proof.  Only one person (an atheist) put a "like" on it.  No one commented, and my husband argued, saying:  "I never saw any of that in the Bible."  Well, he never read the whole Bible! 

Here I was just floored at the violence and felt like I had a revelation that the source of these attacks on gays comes straight from the churches, and all I got was a Jewish person commenting who was totally offended that I lumped his Abrahamic holy book in with the other two.  I pointed out all the hateful passages in the Torah and of course, he said that they all believe that their religion changes with the times, so they are not hateful.  I showed him where in more conservative sects of the Jewish faith, many men beat their wives; I showed him how animal abuse is rampant and the Kosher means of killing animals is unjustified (the animals are not "clean" and are straight from the factory farms) and they go through immense pain due to religion; and I showed him that there were a couple of Jewish terrorists, although certainly less.  I showed him that women are held back in the Jewish religion, and given a specific role.  I also pointed out that God telling each religion to "be fruitful and multiply" makes no sense.  Wouldn't God only tell that to the people he favored and none of the other religions since he wants his chosen people to take over the world?  Yet each religion thinks they are the ones who will be rewarded, and they need to further increase the population with their uneducated children.  (I didn't phrase it quite that bluntly.)  All he did was get angry.

No one admits the hateful and violent passages exist in their holy books and that they hold back society.

Source of Terrorism and Hatred

We need to handle our violence problems, and I am not an expert, but I would tackle it from several angles. In this post, I will just write about one problem we must address - the source of the violence. Where is the source of hatred toward gays coming from? It is obvious to me: the Abrahamic holy books.
Think about it - can you come up with another source for both the personal mass violence toward gays and the violent rules of countries that are based on a religion?

I do not see why this is not obvious to everyone. These holy books teach that being gay is sinful, when there is nothing wrong with being gay. Christians are taught to say, "We love the sinner but hate the sin." Well, calling them a sinner is archaic and incorrect, and hateful. Christians will avoid being called discriminatory by saying, "I will not judge, but God will judge them." That sentence is an avoidance technique, and also says that your god has an unfair system at work.

There are calls for mass killings in the Bible, and evangelicals to this day still encourage the killing of homosexuals. Most of you do not know that approximately the same day that the Orlando night club members were attacked a white man had a huge arsenal and was headed for the Pride festival in Los Angeles. Fortunately, he was caught and arrested. I will assume he was not Muslim, as we have had many Christian attacks on homosexuals and other minorities.

I wonder when people will admit that the Abrahamic holy books are dangerous and seriously out of date. Either demand that your books be heavily revised, taking out all prejudice toward homosexuals, women, minorities, children and animals, and all violence (it will leave a thin, but lovely book), or ditch such dangerous books all together, as they are the basis for violent people and violent countries.

Due to our system of religious freedom, people feel they cannot criticize religions, but even though religions help a lot of people, the harm they cause is immense and world-wide. We have to examine and amend religious beliefs and stop ignoring what is clearly written in the books. Criticism is not persecution. You are still free to believe whatever you want, but at least be honest about what is written in your religious books and what is being taught in many of the religious places of worship.