Saturday, December 27, 2014

Discussion About Christmas is called an Argument

Husband, proudly:  Did you see my FB post about how Santa is not anywhere in the Bible?

Me:  No.  I’ll look for it.  You're right, Santa is not in the Bible, but Santa actually was based on a real person called St. Nicholas who gave some presents to the poor and was generous.

Husband, sarcastically:  Riiiight. 

Me:  St. Nicholas was giving to the poor and he was a Christian – probably a Catholic.

Husband:  Christmas is about Jesus.

Me:  Yes, but the holiday celebrations started long before Christianity, with the Pagans.

Husband:  It did not.  Christianity was the beginning of any celebrations.  Tell me about any celebrations before Jesus!

Me:  There was the Winter Solstice celebrations, I know one was called Saturnalia long before Christmas.  You know the mistletoe, the Christmas tree and the Yule Log were all Pagan, as . . .
Husband:  Shut up.  It's just your opinion.  Just shut up.  You always want to argue.

Me:  You asked me, so I answered.  It was just a discussion.

Husband leaves the room.

Nothing like asking questions and then telling me to shut up when I give the answer!  Typical Christian who get offended because he just wants the holiday to be for his own particular religion.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Do You Know ? You Weren't There! (Read in Kent Hovind's Voice)


If you use the technique of “You weren’t there,” to brush off all of the accomplishments, dating methods, fossils, DNA, molecular evidence, etc. of scientists, then you may not enjoy the Karma that will come your way.  What you are really doing is hiding the fact that cannot counter scientific facts because your young earth creationism does not make sense with nature and, thus, you have nothing but blind faith.  Your most popular comeback, therefore, is: “How do you know? You weren’t there!”  It rings of childishness, doesn’t it.

It would only be fair, then, that the same method is used on you.  You were not there when Jesus supposedly walked on earth.  Further, none of the authors of the Gospels were there.  (No, the authors of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were not there.  In case you did not know, the books in the Bible are named after the disciples, but the authors of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not those disciples – they were anonymous men.  So, none of the passages about Jesus can be used, since the writers of those books were not there.  Also, Paul only saw a vision of Jesus, but never saw Jesus in the flesh, so anything Paul writes about Jesus beyond a vision cannot be used because he was not there watching Jesus directly. 

Since the people writing about Jesus never met Jesus, and you require that someone is personally there and the event itself has to occur during the witness’s lifetime, then get your scissors and cut out every passage that mentions Jesus in the Bible – because “How do you know?  No one was there!”

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Answers In Genesis and Climate Change - Two Dangers

I just looked at Answers In Genesis' position on climate change.  This is what they are telling all their sheep (gullible Christians) to believe: 

"Because of this passage in the Bible, don't worry about climate change:

While the earth remains,
Seed time and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Winter and summer,
And day and night
Shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22)."

Compare that with the satellite data, the instruments we have developed that measure temperature increases in the depths of oceans, the ice core measurements that come up from two miles below the surface, the detailed measurements of the amount of CO2 in the air and all the measurements of the chemical compositions in the air, water and soil, the careful data that has been taken on temperature changes, and the computer simulations.  Which seems more applicable to the subject of climate change?

We see alarming increasing temperatures in many parts of the world, with droughts that bring on starvation of huge populations of people. We all are experiencing odd temperature changes and more intense storms, and Christians got wiped out from tornadoes, so AIG’s claim that God will protect HIS people in the article on AIG is already refuted!  AIG (Answers in Genesis) is trying to deflect criticism off themselves by saying they do not deny the climate is changing, but they deny that anything bad will happen to their people and they deny that anyone has to do anything about climate change.

That is the message they are giving.  Do nothing.  See how religion is harmful?

They repeat in this article that man is much more important to God than nature, specifically that God cares for people more than nature.  (How many times do you think I have mentally sworn since I started writing this?!)

The article blames “The Flood” (that never happened because there is no evidence for it), as the reason there is climate change.  Anyone tired of hearing about “The Flood” yet?   Can you see why these people being on our governmental science committees is dangerous?  Guess what – we have them on our governmental science committees.  (And more mental swearing.)

Do nothing and let our oceans rise, people get wiped out by floods, droughts, huge tornadoes, huge hurricanes, hunger from crops failing – or rely on the latest scientific technology to help us survive?  I have shown this several times in the past, and today I am showing again that AIG is a very harmful organization.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Ruin a "Good Meal"

Last night we had a guest at our house named Jessica, my daughter’s friend.  Alan, my husband, had made a huge amount of food, and Jessica gladly partook of two helpings of ham hocks, southern-style greens, and a pasta salad with sausage.  The dessert, a peach and cherry pie, was vegan. 

During the meal, Jessica asked why I was vegan.  I explained that it was for moral reasons, not for health, and that I simply choose not to participate in eating animals or animal products anymore.  She was quite interested and asked how I became a vegan, so I told her my personal story. 

After that, she asked one more question, whether I thought it was all right to eat animals from humane, small farms.  I proceeded to explain about the abuse on so-called humane farms, but my husband kept saying, “That’s not true!  You don’t know!”  So, I asked Jessica if she would raise a daughter to age six and then send her off to slaughter, and I went into detail about how dairy cows are artificially inseminated over and over . . . and at that point, Alan yelled, “Don’t you know we are eating?!!!!” 

Unfortunately, the sad irony was lost on the two of them.