Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Ruin a "Good Meal"

Last night we had a guest at our house named Jessica, my daughter’s friend.  Alan, my husband, had made a huge amount of food, and Jessica gladly partook of two helpings of ham hocks, southern-style greens, and a pasta salad with sausage.  The dessert, a peach and cherry pie, was vegan. 

During the meal, Jessica asked why I was vegan.  I explained that it was for moral reasons, not for health, and that I simply choose not to participate in eating animals or animal products anymore.  She was quite interested and asked how I became a vegan, so I told her my personal story. 

After that, she asked one more question, whether I thought it was all right to eat animals from humane, small farms.  I proceeded to explain about the abuse on so-called humane farms, but my husband kept saying, “That’s not true!  You don’t know!”  So, I asked Jessica if she would raise a daughter to age six and then send her off to slaughter, and I went into detail about how dairy cows are artificially inseminated over and over . . . and at that point, Alan yelled, “Don’t you know we are eating?!!!!” 

Unfortunately, the sad irony was lost on the two of them.


  1. how sad your partner isn't as accepting as you... i admire your ability to share your life with a non-vegan - i did it for years, but they were stuck in their speciesist belief and i had a need to move on and stop compromising my beliefs... good luck...

    1. We are opposites and he is controlling and insults me a lot. It is not a happy marriage, but I adopted two kids and even though they are young adults, I feel an obligation to stay together a few more years. Finances keep us together too. I can handle it! That's why I do so much on the sly.