Saturday, December 27, 2014

Discussion About Christmas is called an Argument

Husband, proudly:  Did you see my FB post about how Santa is not anywhere in the Bible?

Me:  No.  I’ll look for it.  You're right, Santa is not in the Bible, but Santa actually was based on a real person called St. Nicholas who gave some presents to the poor and was generous.

Husband, sarcastically:  Riiiight. 

Me:  St. Nicholas was giving to the poor and he was a Christian – probably a Catholic.

Husband:  Christmas is about Jesus.

Me:  Yes, but the holiday celebrations started long before Christianity, with the Pagans.

Husband:  It did not.  Christianity was the beginning of any celebrations.  Tell me about any celebrations before Jesus!

Me:  There was the Winter Solstice celebrations, I know one was called Saturnalia long before Christmas.  You know the mistletoe, the Christmas tree and the Yule Log were all Pagan, as . . .
Husband:  Shut up.  It's just your opinion.  Just shut up.  You always want to argue.

Me:  You asked me, so I answered.  It was just a discussion.

Husband leaves the room.

Nothing like asking questions and then telling me to shut up when I give the answer!  Typical Christian who get offended because he just wants the holiday to be for his own particular religion.

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