Saturday, March 30, 2019


What kind of world do you imagine when you think of a perfect world?  Is it one where all beings are respected and treated well?  Is it a peaceful world?  Is it a safe world where everyone works toward the good of society?  Is it a clean world, with sparking lakes and rivers?  Is it a world where people are happy?  

If children were raised to respect the rights of all beings on Earth, and to believe that animals are not property and should not be eaten or used for entertainment, there probably would be no racism, because the child would be raised to respect everyone and every being.  People and governments would be peaceful, and wars would not be the way to solve problems.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stop fighting people with different cultures?  

Right now, our society runs on speciesism, where we think we are superior and have the right to use other beings, and deeply conditioned racism is why we make up so many excuses to continue to eat animals.  We will never have the world of our dreams if we continue with our species hierarchy, because animals make waste that pollutes rivers and lakes, the huge farms are put in areas that disproportionately affect people of color, our factories and our trash are located in areas where people of color live, the animals we breed into existence require monocrops and pesticides which end up poisoning us in many ways, and our society is structured to favor a few people over the rest of the beings, with throw away beings and disposable animals, and strangers who are enemies.  Getting rid of speciesism will topple that structure.  

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