Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kapparot Could Be Changed - By Using Change - Instead of Chickens

In the next few days, streets in upstate New York will be filled with dying chickens, as many of the non-inquisitive Jewish people will purchase a chicken, pick the chicken up in the manner shown below – by pinching its wings together - and swing the terrified chicken around their heads 3 times in order to absorb their sins. The reason I say non-inquisitive is because nowhere in the Torah or Talmud does it mention this practice. Now that the person is totally sinless and the chicken is filled with sin, it will be chopped up in front of the family to then given to the poor. A few rabbis are requesting better treatment of the chickens as in the article below. How will that be enforced? Better treatment means not breeding them for the Kapparot in the first place. Why not swing money in a kerchief instead? Seriously, look at picture– how is this good treatment of chickens?

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