Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Verbal Attacks on Vegans

A Facebook friend seems to have a great problem with people being vegan.  Anyone else can post medical articles supporting their particular problems, or diets they like, in response to the threads started by this FB friend.  But her threads are a ploy to get an argument going when a vegan posts a suggestion, and she responds with a vengeance, stating that “you have no business telling others what to eat.  “Eating is personal, and I will not be told on my page what to eat.”  When a vegan posts about how most Americans eat way too much fat and protein, and Americans’ health is horrible compared to other countries with our obesity levels skyrocketing, she always counters with, “There is no typical American diet” and then talks about “hungry children” in America.  Speaking about hungry children does not discount the obesity problem, but she likes to end her thread with a lecture, a mention about hunger and virtual applause from her meat-eating fans.

Hunger is one of her issues, and I also agree it is of utmost importance, but I pointed out that people can help animals by cutting down on meat and dairy, and while those people are snacking, they can be online, helping solve world hunger or any other issue.  It is never a “humans against animals” choice of which to help.  Both can be helped. 

My words thus far have fallen on deaf ears and also on ears of people who love to call names and taunt the vegan.  So far I have been called “Holier than thou” (on an atheist site) and “smarmy.”  I am always careful with my choice of words and do not tell people how they must eat – I usually say that I find an article credible and try to explain that because most people are not familiar with a very low fat, vegan diet and its health benefits, I think the article could be enjoyable for them to read.  The responses to my carefully worded statements are always hateful, and my article not appreciated at all (and usually not read).  

I cannot figure out how to get people to realize that even poor American children speak our language and stand a chance at being able to say to someone, “I am hungry.”  Adults can ask for help.  Animals are hidden away and are the true slaves of our era; abused, no, downright tortured for the entire short lives, and then painfully killed.  They are locked away so that they can be more easily hidden from our thoughts; a shameful practice of a “civilized society.” 

Yet people think that I have no right to suggest that our world needs to change.  They shout (as loud as a person can shout while typing) that they have the right to eat whatever they want, and that those nasty vegans always moralize: as if that is a bad thing to talk about making moral choices.  I just do not understand the hatred, especially from atheists, who criticize Christians for closing their ears and eyes to reality. 

I realize I am going against what people like and love, eating what they were raised with and what gives them comfort, happiness and pleasure.  Vegan foods also give the same feelings and one more feeling can be added:  pride.
I do not have a tidy ending to this blog post, but am just writing so that the next time I am drawn into a conversation, I will have a clear idea of what barriers I have, so perhaps I can find a way to explain better or break through barriers; and find a way for meat eaters to work with vegans (by eating even a little less meat and dairy) in order to make a collective effort – enough to shut down the factory farms.


  1. i so totally share your frustration Bobbie! i have recently been attacked by someone i thought was a close friend by being called 'fanatical', 'self-righteous', weird and selfish! and here's me thinking those with a human-superiority-complex, those who decide a non-human animal's life is worth less than theirs, were the self-righteous and selfish ones... thanks for sharing (and allowing me to vent!!)

  2. proud womon has a point. There are none so vain and self absorbed and "holier than thou" than those who decide who's life is valuable and whose is not. And not even for survival mind you... But for the momentary gratification of what sensations their taste buds experience. Hooray on all those who see a face rather than a meal.