Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peddling Faith

I notice the churches and people like Huckabee are not answering the "Where was God?" question when discussing the tragedy at the school in Connecticut, except to actually claim that God is working in people's actions.  That almost sounds secular!  They really are at a loss to explain 26 innocent children gunned down and no God came to the rescue. 

What surprised me are the number of people who immediately gathered at a church in town right after the shootings for a service.  If it were me, I think I would be at home mourning or with a couple of friends.  I just don't think I could go sit in public, but that is not a criticism, just an observation that others mourn differently.

Of course, Mike Huckabee's claim that God is working through people who are helping the victims could pose a problem for him, because many atheists have given money and support.  I think they are baffled why God did not protect little children. 

Their other excuse, "God ignored the children and let them die because people took prayer out of the schools" fails.  Any child can bring a Bible to class or pray individually in school - they just cannot let it distrupt school work or push their religion on others.  It also shows a God much more childish than any spoiled brat could be, and much more vengeful than most people - and God does not have the problem of mental illness that the shooter had.

I see Christians post poems about the children becoming angels and flying over us to protect us, and that is just so offensive to me. What these posts do is take away the reality of the fact that children suffered and died because of guns and mental illness and violence, and these posts also give another security blanket for egotistical Christians who think the children's purpose is now to watch over them.  Just how kids want to spend their time.

Additionally, I actually had a discussion with a self-proclaimed "prophet" who says the children went up to Heaven and now are being judged by God.  So 6 year olds were shot, possibly slowly and painfully died, and God did nothing; now they have to stand before God and be deemed worthy enough to enter his kingdom?  God might reject them and send them to Hell?  Haven't they been through enough?  Yes, like you, I found his proclamation absolutely despicable; yet the Prophet Christian thought it was totally acceptable from his loving God.

If their God does not help children, then what is their God for?

I read some words from a religious person, and they said, "If there were ever a time for faith, this is it." 

I would say, "If there were ever a time to question why God never saves the day, this is it." 

Anyone else sick of the word, "Faith?"  That empty word of invisible non-action.


  1. Thanks Bobbie - You read my mind and said everything I would have liked to say about faith. Now I don't mind hope... Hope in things like how an optimist tries to see the possibility of a good outcome - But what the heck kind of faith is there in a gOd that takes little children? Clearly the only rational conclusion is that there is no deity at all! Or IF there is one - Who needs enemies with friends like that?

    Hope you tune into the Thinking Atheist podcast - - He - Seth Andrews the host- provides much useful food for thought... Someday I'll approach him as to why he's not vegan --- Maybe next year. ;)

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have time for podcasts or live blogs and am struggling to even see some videos! Working full time with one kid at home this year and a husband who never leaves the house except to work makes my private viewing time very difficult! But Seth happens to be a Facebook friend (I doubt he really knows me personally yet, but may have noticed a comment or two from me) and that would be great if you would challege his mind with the vegan idea! I also like the energy Sean Faircloth puts forth. Quite often the atheists are very moralistic people and many are vegetarian and vegan, but the others still become defensive, with the idea of giving up what they are conditioned to like too much for them to want to think about!
      I have been trying to put together some more articles about vegan issues, but have a bunch of random atheist thoughts that have been in my mind for ages that need to be written down before I forget them! I've been working on "Certified Humane and Organic" standards and want to present how inadequate those are. It's going to take a month or two with all I am doing, but I will get there! I also seem to be google+ illiterate - I'm still lost and need to spend time on here! LOL!