Saturday, December 22, 2012

Multiverses and Heaven

Stephen Hawking says that if multiverses are true (and mathematically, existence points to multiverses), then there is no room for a Heaven or a God.  But let's imagine that Heaven is located in the universe next to our universe.  In that universe, there is a Being that is worshipped.  He judges and rejects children, old people and anyone who did not believe in him, regardless of circumstance, and sentences them to burn so you can watch.  The colors of this universe are white and gold, and the rivers are made of milk and honey, even though there are no animals allowed.  (Perhaps from breast milk and some sort of urinary disease like the Amish have? You've heard of maple syrup urine disease of the Amish; maybe there is some sort of urinary disease that tastes like honey.  That would answer where the milk and honey rivers came from when there are no animals.)  Your position in this universe is to worship the head being, eternally.  There is constant singing going on.  You do not recognize anyone in your family. 

That's enough description.  Given this universe named Heaven and our universe, which would you choose to live in?  Which seems more like your definition of Heaven?

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