Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Will?

Free Will is used whenever convenient, without thinking the concept through.  This is my attempt to explain why free will is not really free, but very constrained!  (I have just recently done some research on this subject, and am no expert, but what I do understand, I am posting.)

If Christians actually think God created each person and planned their lives in advance - every move the person makes; then there is little free will. 

In truth, research has shown that if a part of the brain is physically stimulated, an arm will raise or a person will react.  The brain is definitely doing the commanding, and a lot of its thinking.  A lot of thinking goes on unconsciously as well.  They have shown that the brain makes up its mind six seconds before a person knows he/she thinks the thought!  It's kind of freaky! 

People who have brain damage sometimes become "unrecognizable"; their personalities are altered, so, again, it comes from the physical brain.  We just react to our environments.

We are born with certain abilities, limits of I.Q., and our thoughts are molded from our environment and from those who raise us.  I make my opinions based on the brain I have, what I have been taught or what I have read, and how I process and interpret what I read. 

Even if I decide to go against my morals, to try to test where my morals come from, or to test free will, I am making a decision based on how bad I think the outcome may be and whether it is worth the risk, and my brain has most likely figured it out before I know about it! 

Therefore, if there is a God who made me with this brain and personality, then he himself sent me to Hell!  : )


  1. "They have shown that the brain makes up its mind six seconds before a person knows he/she thinks the thought!" Reminds me of the (now ancient) Moody Blues song that includes the lyrics that "thinking is the best way to travel." Apparently it's faster than the speed of light! Kind of freaky? Yes!