Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How you can eat fatty meat and not get clogged arteries

How can you eat fatty meat and not get clogged arteries? 

Be a dog! 

I was concerned my dog might have the beginning stages of Congestive Heart Failure, so I looked into the subject and found out that all the fats they eat do not stick or become plaque, as they do with humans. 

My dog's heart will not malfunction due to fats and meaty nastiness.  Her valves will most likely wear out, one wearing our first and affecting the size of her heart, and then the others won't fit. 

But doesn't this show another reason that humans are not meant to eat meat?  Meat and fats clog our arteries, and for some reason, they do not for dogs who are carnivores.  This also shows that the category omnivore does not fit the human well either because any meat or fat we eat clogs our arteries.

Thinking more, I have never seen any animals wear the fur of other animals and say, "but these animals were a gift to me from God!"  I have never seen any other animals cook their food. 

Well, those are my quick thoughts for today!

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