Sunday, November 25, 2012

Humane Labeling of Foods

This is a reminder to me to research more about Humane labeling.  One day I will do a video comparing the different kinds of labeling. 

I know many people are fooled by the words "Certified Humane" or "Organic" and think automatically the animals are treated kindly, but the regulations for the label are totally inadequate.  22,000 broiler chickens in one barn with no access to the out of doors is not humane.  They have little room and are slaughtered when they are about 8 weeks old!  Sure, their food does not contain antibiotics or hormones, and the fact that they are not caged is an improvement, but their lives are still torture.  A rule for the men to pick only three up by their legs in one hand at a time should tell you how they are treated.  With one inspection per year, "Certified Humane" means very little. 

Organic has rules that simply seem to put trust in the farmer.  The foods must be antibiotic and hormone free, but other than that, most treatment "is in the best interest of the animal" or "to allow minimum discomfort" and the rules and regulations really do not spell out any specifics. 

There are about five other labels that I need to research.  I konw none of the different labels say anything about what they do with the male chicks.  Look it up if you have no idea - it is quite a shock.

The only "humane" way to treat animals is not to eat them at all, and the only way we will solve the mistreatment is to leave them off of our plates.

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