Sunday, November 25, 2012

Church Oppression of African Americans

It disturbs me greatly to see young people sucked into the Creationist mindset, especially when they are African American.  I have relatives who are black who have posed, smiling in front of a white Adam and Eve at the Creation Museum, when instead, they should be proud that the first woman we all shared our DNA with was a black African woman (whom they call "Mitochondrial Eve").  When they know (because I told them) that the Christian religion was given to them intentionally by white slave owners in order to pacify them, so they will not mind having an awful life as they thought they would be rewarded in Heaven.  It gave them something to look forward to.  But once a black person knows that, I would think they would reject Christianity and look for something else.  My husband, who is black, says that not all black people actually believe their religion or care; they just like the feelings that the church gives them.  I cannot personally live with the lies from the preacher in order to feel happy.  It is very difficult to make these young Creationists understand that their religion makes no sense, because they have been told not to "walk with man, but walk with God" so they can just brush off any facts and say they are being "spiritual" by denying them.  Why does it matter?  Because the rules of the church still oppress women, deny science, promote more global warming, obesity, and stagnation of the brain.  The particular relative I have in mind has five children (after one miscarriage) and is probably around 32 years old.  She voted for Mitt Romney, only taking into account one issue out of all the issues people should consider:  abortion.  I would think she would realize the importance of birth control for a woman!  This is not an uneducated woman.  She graduated with a degree in social work from college, but never used it because making babies was the rule of the church and a career did not fit with it.  She homeschools her children, thereby subjecting them to Creationist textbooks and affecting their lives.
So many are trapped like this, and they cannot see globally how they negatively affect the world with their decisions.  They also do not seem happy, except for the forced happiness or the emotional "joy" from church.

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