Sunday, May 25, 2014

Westboro Baptist Church is Coming to our Town!

Big excitement in our town!  The Westboro Baptist Church is supposed to come picket three churches in our town this coming Sunday, June 1st. 

Being an atheist and watching YouTube videos about how Michael Moore brought his Pink Mobile filled with gay people to a protest of Fred Phelps and embarrassed Fred until he fled, and Thunderf00t sat down and interviewed Shirley and her two daughters, and Zinnia chatted with Shirley during a protest, I was thinking our counter-protest would be the same, and was planning some clever and funny zingers.

I was deciding which T-shirt I would wear, "Friendly Atheist" or my vegan essentials T-shirt with all the reasons to be a vegan on it.  My "Vegan" T-shirt won out in my mind.  Animals come first, plus I still want to be a bit closeted in this town.

Now that plans are evolving, a t-shirt is the least of my worries.  Our town is getting quite riled up at the thought of anyone harming our churches, and blockades and bullhorns, etc. are being discussed.  Although there are posts about making sure we stay nonviolent, the tone of the posts have me worried that we may be the town that loses it with Westboro Baptist Church. 

I just hope everyone stays safe and there is no violence.  There is no reason for our town (we have a lousy reputation) to worry about "showing what we are made of."  It could reflect very badly on us.

But we will see.  Many may not show.  I will be outside one of the churches. 

By the way, they have come to picket Central Baptist Church because it states you can be forgiven after you sin.  Apparently, that is too encouraging for people to sin and too liberal for Westboro Baptist Church!  Believe me, Central Baptist is a conservative church that I normally would not support, but I am picking the lesser of two evils!

I will report on the outcome!

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