Thursday, May 1, 2014

Response to Neil C. Reinhardt Who Sent me a Video about Lierre Keith and an ALL CAPPED MESSAGE


First, I am very sorry I deleted your comment.  I tried putting all of this in my reply and it was not allowed, and in trying to delete my reply, I deleted your comment! 

Anyway, Lierre in the video is misinformed.  I debunked her awhile ago, and thus, your information is old.  I have simply copied and pasted my article here.  (Most of my information came from someone else's article, but I do not remember the source now, except it is Mark Messina's wife.)

Let's talk about the video: 

First, Lierre talks about big brains being attributed to eating meat, but even though that is all over the Internet, I see the brain growth coming from a mutation and all sorts of rewiring.  Hominids ate different foods depending upon their area, and some did not cook just meat, but also ate cooked tubers, and the amounts depended upon where they lived. Some just ate cooked tubers. They also had grains available.  Perhaps that is what spurred the brain growth since brains get energy from carbohydrates. Also, they do not have evidence of fire pits when the brains started growing!  So it is not proven.

Lierre has almost no research, and she gets her "facts" from the Weston A. Price Foundation, with their overweight leader, a woman who has taken over and offers very dangerous advice such as eating minerals by eating clay (too many minerals may lead to Alzheimers) and drinking raw milk and feeding it to babies and giving them organ meats (brain damage).  (Price died a long time ago but actually said a vegetarian diet was healthy.)

Lierre says things like "the archeological evidence is incontrovertible" when she does not back that up with any evidence! 

Dairy is an agriculture based food, and she mixes it up with a hunter-gatherer food.  The paleo diet allows dairy in creams and with raw milk, but both are really bad for a person.

She believes fat is needed to absorb nutrients, and thinks polyunsaturated fat is low fat!  She thinks there is a dietary need for cholesterol.  Cholesterol is made by the body – I believe by the liver, but I am not sure.  There is no need for saturated fat or cholesterol.  There are only two essential fatty acids required by humans – both unsaturated fats found in plant foods. 

Fat intake has increased in the world and she says it has dropped.  It’s at 33% of the calories of the average American diet. 

As far as environmentally, I have debunked any of the environmental articles out there that claim raising animals on grass land is better than raising crops for food for humans.   They all base their “evidence” on one paper and write papers off of that one.  Basically, they claim more animals are killed by harvesting crops than with raising cattle, but they include mice killed in and around silos who are poisoned by farmers – and there are other ways of deterring those animals without poisoning them.  Seal the dang silos up at the base!   As far as harvesting, people in our area raise their blades to avoid killing anything when they harvest corn and wait until after quails have finished raising their young.  Also, they fudge data by putting cows side by side and claiming you get more meat per some square footage amount than you get in weight of grain.  Of course!  That’s why they measured in poundage!  Cows need 2 acres each to graze, so this side by side comparison and comparison by weight is the only way they could come up with to try to make meat look better.

She talks about Polyface farming, but does not mention that there are more calories needed in feed for chickens than is produced in food.

She talks about the need for animal fertilizer, but does not know there are leguminous cover crops to fix soil nitrogen. 

E-coli comes from not only grain fed cattle but grass fed cattle.  Most people don’t know that.

She bases a lot on her own desire for meat and her food cravings, but she is wrong and all people are wrong who write that they immediately feel better when they take a bite of meat.  It takes awhile for the meat to be absorbed.  The authors where I got my information claim Lierre is sincere and thinks she is helping people – she is just totally wrong! 

In short, there is nothing to support her claim.

She talks about eating disorders and claims being vegan or vegetarian can lead to them. There are a few girls who will say they are vegan or use it to mask their behaviors, but there really is no connection between the two. I used to have an eating disorder, about 28 years ago, and I can tell you that there is a huge difference between being ashamed of yourself and being proud of yourself!

Lierre claims soy reduces testosterone, but there is no evidence for that. She claims soy formula causes early puberty, but again, there is no evidence for that. (She probably got that from Weston Price Foundation because they bash soy constantly and bash vegetarians.) Actually, the medical evidence says the chemicals in milk and animal protein cause early puberty.

Lierre claims Mark Messina said Japanese eat one tablespoon of soy a day. The author of the article where I got a lot of my information is married to Mark Messina and he says and has written in his 2006 study that they eat or drink 1 1/2 servings of soy a day.

Soy protein will not give men boobs. That is a rumor from people who do not understand phytoestrogens (plant estrogens).

"For men and boys, the phytoestrogens in soy do not appear to have any effect on hormone levels and have not been shown to affect sexual development or fertility. Research studies show that men consuming soy have less prostate cancer and better prostate cancer survival."

Now, Neil, being vegan is a moral issue for me.  I will not contribute to animals being killed when I do not need them for food.  It is morally wrong to eat meat, unless you are starving with no other source. 

Neil, look at my picture before you call me fellow. 


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