Sunday, February 3, 2013

Science and Religion Are Not Compatible!

 (This blog is what I just wrote to Letter to the Editor in my town's newspaper.  I hope it gets published, because we see a "God and Bible" boring article published every week.  I got the idea for this from one of Philhellenes' videos on YouTube.)

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were extremely proud when they formed a secular government with a diverse people; yet from our country’s inception, Christians have wanted to take away the freedoms of other Americans by breaching the separation of church and state. Creationists want science to be taught from a religious perspective, but I think instead, we should look at religion from a scientific perspective. The Resurrection, the very basis for Christianity, fails scientific scrutiny.
Christians claim that “God suspended the physical laws” to allow Jesus to float up to Heaven, because they know Jesus could not be a spirit floating in the sky with our constant physical laws of the Universe. If Jesus were a spirit with no physical matter then he would have no momentum, and would be whisked away tens of thousands of miles per hour due to the earth’s rotation and its motion around the sun. 
But Jesus must have had mass and matter, because Jesus was seen by the people in the sky!  In order to see an object, it must have photons to reflect light, so Jesus had mass.  To make Jesus elevate, what physical laws did God suspend?  If He suspended the law of gravity, one would think Jesus would float like an astronaut, upside down and sideways with no control; but actually, zero gravity in the atmosphere would once again zip Jesus away at the speed of light. Add to that the fact that “God suspended the physical laws” (notice the plural), so the Higgs and Relativity laws would be suspended.  Therefore, all people, including mass/spirit Jesus, oceans and the surface of the earth would disperse into particles and zoom away at the speed of light! 
We have not even examined how Jesus would go to Heaven but leave his gut bacteria behind since creatures are not supposed to go to Heaven. The “humans only” rule has never made sense, since there are rivers of milk and honey in Heaven. Jesus would need the gut bacteria for digesting milk, and honey would mean there were stinging bees in Heaven! 
Animals must be allowed since Jesus will return with his sword on a white horse, through poisonous gas clouds, to wage war as the Prince of Peace.  The Bible tells us His blade is sharp, which is good since He will be knocking it against tanks, drones, long range missiles and all of the children of the world who are in the military, fighting religious wars that make no sense. 
No, science and religion are not compatible. 

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