Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Personal Relationships" with God and Brain Development

Phrases such as "I have a personal relationship with God" and "Jesus talks to me all the time" should be questioned, especially since all communication takes place in a person's head.  Not only do they ask God  questions in their heads, but God answers them in their own heads. 
Do you remember what voice God used in your head?  Was it a lower, echoey sounding voice, with the same cadence as your own voice and the same accent as yours, but a little slower and more formal?  Did God chuckle and think you were the apple of his eye? 

Ironically, the Christian's very religion is due to brain development in humans.  Religion most likely developed from fear of nature, guilt, death and feeling small in the grandness of existence.  As brains developed, all abilities sharpened such as the ability to think, "If I tell that person I will bring home a huge animal to eat and I can't catch one, what will she say to me?" The human began to be able to picture such conversations in their heads.  Talking in imaginary scenarios took hold. 

But this is another reason why Christians cannot believe in evolution or admit any animal origin.  They would not be able to point to the point where God could not be worshipped without brain enlargement and development, and they would realize Christian's very religion is due to evolution.

Some of the theories set forth about brain development do not make sense to me.  It is widely publicized by meat eaters that brain development and enlargement might have been due to them catching and cooking meat.  However, this does not coincide what how nature actually was dispersed.  Early human's diets differed depending on location, with more fish near the waters, and not much meat anywhere, because it was very difficult to catch an animal with crude spears and man's less developed abilities on the ground, especially before brain development! 

Early humans mostly were fed by the women, who gathered nuts, seeds, berries, and some grains.  Many men do not want to admit this, because it is a part of what they are taught that they were strong cavemen who provided for their women on courageous hunts.  But in reality, they might have brought back a few mouse sized creatures as an addition to the food the women gathered, and only occasionally did they score a larger animal.

If brain development came from foods it is more likely it came from early humans learning to cook tubers like onions, potatoes and other underground foods they dug up and cooked.  It was digested easily and eaten quickly so they could focus on other things. This is also a theory proposed about why the brain enlarged, but is not sent all over the Internet like the meat cooking theory.  I want to make it clear that I have no idea why the brain grew, but that the meat cooking theory makes little sense in light of actual history.

Did this brain development cause humans to be "special and exclusive" to God?  Before the brain development, were people chosen?  How did they know?  Did they have souls?  As usual, the Christian's speciesistic ideas about humans fall apart upon examination.


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