Friday, February 15, 2013

My Life As a Facebook "Radical"

Doesn't it just sting when someone you think really cares for you, unfriends you on Facebook?!  I hadn't heard from my cousin in awhile, and checked his Facebook page and found I had been unfriended.  It was such a shock.

I may come off just way too liberal, even for other people who are liberal!  I thought he and I were "on the same page."  Guess not.

I reviewed my posts, and either they are way too voluminous, they are too vegan oriented (as non-vegans get sick of hearing about what they should not eat), or what most likely made him hit the unfriend button are my few anti-religious posts.  Part of me wants to tone everything down, and part of me argues with myself that religious people never tone it down - why should I?  Still sorting out what is right regarding all my relationships on Facebook - just kind of disappointed right now.

I guess I am destined to be disliked by some and shut out of many people's lives for my views.  Too bad I am a sensitive person - I should just accept my life as a radical!

Ever feel this way?


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