Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Search for God, and a Great Video about Jesus by Richard Carrier

I posted this video of Richard Carrier because I think it is a very clear look at the belief in Jesus.  Worth watching!

But today, I want to discuss the search for God.  In this quest for God, people used to look just above the clouds and see visions, because God lived on levels in the sky - and occasionally came down on earth to walk around, criticize and command.  We now know so much about our universe; how it can be traced back to simpler organisms, to elements, and on back to the start of the Big Bang.  We even can see the Cosmic Microwave Background when the Universe was 380,000 years old.  As we move further back in time, our Universe gets smaller and smaller. We have theoretical physicists, such as Lawrence Krauss who have evidence that the Universe could start from virtual particles popping in and out of nothing.  So where is God?  People think of God as a huge spirit/being in the sky, starting everything, but Stephen Hawking say that the Universe could easily have begun without God “lighting the match” and that God would just be in the way and redundant.  He continues by stating that with multiverses filling every nook and cranny, there is no room for God.  So the idea of God being huge is perhaps an incorrect idea.  Since we have gotten existence down to the size of virtual particles popping in and out of nothing, what is the next step smaller; the next step backward from virtual particles popping in and out of nothing?  Nothing?  Could that be God?

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