Sunday, March 17, 2013

The One Omega 3 Food Everyone Ignores!

I will discuss many various options for Omega 3's, and save the easiest Omega 3 source for last! 

Have you worried about trying to go vegan because you can't figure out how to get your Omega 3's?  Many people pop a fish oil tablet for their Omega 3's, when oil is dangerous for a system when it is extracted from the whole - like fish oil is extracted from the fish.  And eating the whole, by eating fish, is dangerous as well, as it has dioxins and pollution absorbed by the lakes and fats and cholesterol. 

You've probably looked at solutions such as ground flax seed, but don't know where to buy it; or you just don't want to take the time to grind the seeds.  Chia seeds are too expensive.  Canola oil has Omega 3's, but again, that's an extracted oil, so you choose fish oil as it is promoted by the "experts" even though it is bad for you in other ways.  Honestly, I would prefer you use canola oil as it kill no animal. 

Hold on!  The experts seem to always be ignoring the kind, non-murdering alternatives!  Tofu has some Omega 3's.  Throw a few tiny cubes into whatever you are eating. (I don't eat tofu often, but felt I should mention that it does have Omega 3's.) 
Some dark green leafy plants like kale have Omega 3's.  I'm not that good about eating those either, although I have upped my dark leafy salad eating.

How about those flax seeds?  Can you go to Kroger and buy some in the health food section and use a coffee grinder to grind those seeds and then just sprinkle a little over your cereal?  I know it's so much work, because sometimes I don't grind them - but I always sprinkle them over my cereal anyway and then just chew them!  That should grind them some!

LASTLY, the big one everyone ignores:  walnuts.  Grab a few walnut pieces and eat those every day instead of popping that fish pill.  You will get vitamins, fiber, food and your Omega 3's all rolled into one!

WALNUTS!  Nuts! As in Darn! Why did no one ever tell us!

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