Saturday, March 30, 2013

Challenge to Vegan Bakers! Veganize This!

You know that beautiful banana pudding poke cake that has been passed around Facebook?  (I'll post a pic of the nonvegan version below.) I wanted so badly to be the first to veganize it, but there was one problem:  I am the baker.  Both the banana pudding and the coconut whipped topping stayed runny, so my cake is more of a coconut banana soup (with original crushed graham crackers floating on top).  I am handing this over to experts.  Challenge to vegans:  Veganize this recipe and post the result! 

Hints:  I did not plan for it to be healthy, so I used Duncan Hines Classic White Cake Mix (with Energy Egg Replacer), Banana Cream Pudding Mix, Coconut milk cans for the whipped topping (recipe at savvyvegetarian), original Graham Crackers found at some WalMarts, and a banana.  I think these all would work with someone more skilled than I am!

Nonvegan version:

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