Saturday, February 9, 2019

Why Don't You Take Climate Change Seriously?

For those of you who still don't believe climate change is real and primarily man-made, how can you explain the data of our parts per million of CO2 getting up to 410 ppm in our air? How can you explain the breaking down of the jet stream so that the polar vortex weather is coming down lower? How can you explain that the warnings the climate scientists have been telling us in detail since 1956 are now coming true? When you realize something is true, why aren't you switching sides on this issue and letting your representatives know you aren't supporting their views anymore? Why aren't you angry that no one did anything about it? For the past 60 years, they have done very little to help and they have done more to harm. Do you now realize that the right and the rich are killing off our planet for greed?
Our sea levels are rising, the ocean is acidifying, the type of CO2 that is exclusively from fossil fuels is increasing in our air, animals are moving northward and upward, animals are dying, we are having droughts as predicted in large parts of our world, we are having more wildfires, our storms are getting bigger as the warmer air is holding more moisture, and our temperatures worldwide are going up.
I could go on with side effects happening now that we were warned about, but you get the picture. And after all of this, we have a government that is stalling on climate change, does not admit that man has a big part in it (because they are lying [for money]), so they can continue to undo regulations that protect us. Why aren't you ALL, on the left and on the right, writing your representatives and firing off letters to the White House? Why are you still supporting a president's actions of "bringing coal back" when he is destroying the environment and killing off people due to climate change?

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