Saturday, January 26, 2019

Why Would a God Send Different Important Messages?

If there were a god, wouldn’t he send out the same message to everyone? If it is crucial to “be saved” before you die, why did countless people live and die before “the savior” was even born? It seems to me that God would have given the same “important” message to every single human, from the start of time; yet the opposite is true. 

One thing Christians seem to change their minds on is the reason for different messages. Is the reason that different messages are being given to other people: “There are different, false gods” or “God knows what He is doing and we don’t have to understand why He gives out different messages?” It seems that it isn’t important, then, what we believe, because “God will judge depending on the circumstance.” I have heard many times from Christians that God will judge independently depending on all these differences. Why such monumental differences in religion and message and god in the first place? Why do other people hear a different god and savior talking to them in their heads, and some people don’t ever have a god talk to them, but still claim they have been sent a message?

We cannot ignore that different religions are based quite geographically and within certain time-frames in history. It looks more like people in certain areas have leaders that spread a certain message, so all the people in that area believe that message, more than, “God sends a different message to people in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, ancient Eridu, and Columbus, Montana.

Think about it – Why, if there is one all-powerful god, is God sending different messages using a different name and a different personality and even a call to a different savior? Is this a way to get them to believe, “Jesus died on the cross for your sins and you must repent, yadda yadda yadda?” Where are these messages really coming from?

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