Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Clean Coal is a Pipe Dream - Expensive, Dirty and Not Doable!

“Clean coal" does not exist. 

There are few areas in the U.S. where carbon capture could even work, because of the type of land requirements. Our town happens to have the right land, and we have a small test model. 

Carbon capture is expensive and in order to capture the CO2, you first have to burn the fossil fuels! Carbon capture equipment on a factory slows down the factory and requires more coal to produce the same amount of energy than a plant without carbon capture! Supporters of this waste of time ignore that these coal burning plants give off other toxic substances. This is NOT clean energy! 
The first plant with this technology is at least ten years away, if they do it at all. Many of the projects have been abandoned! At best, carbon capture will never be successful enough to make a dent in CO2, and at worst, it will continue to be a scam and waste of time.
When Trump says "Have you heard of clean coal?" now you will know that he is pulling one over on you.
Speak up for real clean energy - solar and wind. Let's demand more progress in those areas!

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