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Do you want to look at beautiful healthy food blogs, but don’t know any good web sites?  There are many wonderful vegan blogs with gorgeous picture, but finding the best ones is not easy, and whether or not you will like them depends upon your individual food tastes.  What I have below are the web sites I frequent the most and find beautiful, inspiring or useful.  Because of my personal tastes, I stay away from any that are too gourmet, have a lot of sriracha (because it is too hot for me), or if they use too many avocados or sweet potatoes.  The reason I do not choose web sites with a lot of avocados and sweet potatoes is because they are there, in my opinion, to make pictures look lovely with their colors, but it does not necessarily make the recipes taste good.  Most of the following sites are recipe blogs, but I have also listed a few animal rights blogs, some health blogs and some miscellaneous blogs that are enjoyable.

Vegan Recipes Blogs:  This site’s purpose is to find vegan recipes on the Internet each day and post them.  It is a great way to find a recipe you want, click on it, and possibly find a new blog you like as well!

punchfork/vegan (on Pinterest).  This site also finds popular vegan recipes.  Great way to see a lot of recipes at once!  Debbie has a great variety of recipes which look quite tasty.  This is a new site for me, but I already see a few recipes I want to try.  Nancy has beautiful recipes and a top blog.  I think this blog will be a favorite of mine.  I love Sandra’s recipes and her blog, including pictures of her twins.  I have made several of her sandwiches and some bars.  Miriam creates beautiful food!  Many are Indian or Mid-Eastern dishes.  She also has an online magazine she publishes for a small fee.  (This title of this blog is “What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?” But I could not get it to link to the page.
Pictures and recipes of what they eat every day.  They seem to be very adept at using tofu.  I think I will enjoy this site.  Betty cooks from scratch and also by using packaged foods to make gourmet-like meals.  I plan to make Aloha Artichoke Lave Dip soon!  This is a huge basic site where members contribute their recipes.  Star ratings help me make choices of what to try!  I have made Dump Cake (so easy and divine with the pecans baked on top), Thanksgiving Casserole, Chocolate Chip Cookies - Like They Should Be, and New York-a-like Peppermint Patties.  I have also repeated each of these recipes because they were so successful.  This site has beautiful pictures and Angela seems like a person everyone would want as a friend.  She updates her site almost every day.  Her “Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf, Revisited” got raves from my co-workers!  Angela does make a lot of gluten-free recipes, shakes and drinks which are not my interest.  I like to eat my food and love my carbs.  This site is not fancy, and a lot of it is advertising for Sassy’s vegan classes, but if you poke around, you can find her very practical and yummy recipes (currently under the “Everyday Cooking” category at the top).  Click then scroll down for recipes.  I love making the vegan Mini Cheese n’ Chive Muffins!

Vegan Foods at the Grocery Store:   This is a very helpful site.  It lists all the products you can buy at the grocery store that are “accidentally vegan,” such as Oreos!

Vegan Athletes:  If you would like to learn about what vegan athletes look like or how they train, this is the web site for you!  Scott is an Ultramarathon runner, a World record holder of races that average around 160 miles without stopping – on a vegan diet!  He has a cookbook and his web site shows scenery where he runs high in the mountains – places most of us never see!

Animal Rights and Health Issues: To learn about factory farm abuse:  search the videos.  Any of the “Meet your Meat” videos are informative. Activism from a more radical standpoint (not all approve of his radical nature, even he has turned more to education now, but loads of good information on his site) and a fantastic speech!  Do watch his speech called “The Greatest Speech You Will Ever Hear.” This is the speech:  I like to click on “Education” (title in upper left), then click “Health and Science” (upper right) and then click “Hot Topics” (upper right).  Scroll down – choose a subject about whatever disease or issue you want and click and read many good articles about health!   This is one of my primary sources for information.  Also, click “Success Stories” from the Home page for personal stories and videos.

Video “The Last Heart Attack” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
(Also probably on YouTube.)  Excellent documentary, showing x-ray results of a low fat, plant and starch based diet.  This site is just fun to look at!  It has pictures of beautiful buildings and houses from many countries around the world, and pictures of food from some vegan restaurants too.
.  Various medical and interesting articles regarding being vegan.

Vegucated.  (A movie).  You can rent it from for something like one dollar.  It gives a very good and entertaining introduction to all aspects of being vegan. 

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