Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Standing Before God

Do Christians ever analyze what they actually believe?  I think not.  Let us look at what has been proposed several times to me by “worried Christians.” 

“I pity the day you are standing before the Almighty God, begging for mercy!” 

Do they enjoy thinking about me standing there, crying, begging to be allowed in Heaven instead of burning in agonizing pain for eternity, all because I did not believe in worshiping a god, especially the horrific one of the Bible? 

If you are a Christian and believe I will be standing before this petty god, I ask you to think about your best friend or your mother, and people who lived good, kind lives, standing before a god who wants them to beg and grovel in front of him -- and then he sends them to a fiery Hell anyway!   

Think about what it would be like for your tearful mother or your terrified friend.  There are so many reasons not to think this god exists, and if this god does exist, keep in mind he would have made my brain and your mother’s brain, and that is how we made the decision not to believe in any god.  That should not seem fair to you.  It if does, are you really thinking or just following how you think your religion would want you to think, out of fear?

Now, I understand Christians are sincere in their efforts to keep their friends, family and strangers from the fiery pits of Hell, because they try to convert their family and friends.  They do want them to avoid this “meeting with God.”  They try to convince everyone that their god is “all loving” and only admit that their god “is also an angry god” when confronted.  They paint Jesus as a peace-loving, welcoming man, in order to try to lure people to the religion. They do not realize that the concept of Hell was made popular by the Jesus story, as prior Pagan gods only had a vague Underworld that people spent time in, and then went up to the Heavens or back to earth.  “Jesus is the reason” really means the concept of Hell was developed by Christianity to be the worst possible place imaginable!

Yet are they really acting in a moral manner when Christians try to convert people?  I think not.  They only look at conforming to a sick god and getting everyone to obey, an avoidance technique, rather than rejecting the biblical god.

If we are punished for our morals and conscience by Jesus and the Biblical god by sending us to Hell, and you overlook the actions of these two horrible characters, following rules to get the afterlife you want, then who really has the good morals?  Who stands up to injustice, real or fabricated? 

Imagine yourself punishing your own child because he said in good conscience he just could not worship you day and night.  Would you burn him for eternity because he said that? 

I ask that you examine this honestly and do not make excuses of “God is wrathful” or “He gave you a chance.”  I have heard those before.  Again, would you burn someone for eternity and think it is justified because you are all loving but angry too?  Would you burn someone for eternity because “you gave him a chance” and he didn’t change his mind? 

If we tell you that a spirit cannot burn and give you the science behind it, will it make you feel better?   We have a more peaceful way than any religion which divides.  It is called death and will happen whether you believe or not!

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