Sunday, July 6, 2014

Will You See Your Aborted Fetus, Embryo, and/or Blastocyst in Heaven?

One paragraph below is a status I put on my Facebook, and some comments.  A few people "liked" it, but one was a friend who had a stillborn child years ago (I don't think about those things when I am inspired on a topic), and I think she took the post seriously instead of with the sarcasm intended.  With 7 billion people and no signs of slowing down (not even at 10 billion because people have not taken controlling population growth seriously), I really do not care if fetuses are aborted before 26 weeks.  Even though conservatives claim fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks, all they use for justification is reflex and also developing nerve fibers.  But the two hemispheres of the brain are not connected yet, so there is no way they can feel pain!  All these people who want to prevent abortion should support all forms of birth control, and also they should offer up their homes and take care of the babies that the women do not want to give birth to and pay all hospital expenses. The Right wants to make women slaves to childbirth again.  They are nipping away at women's rights all the time.  This "sacred" stuff is ridiculous.  The word "sanctity" was first used in the 1300s, so this is not a Biblical theme.  Yet, the Right and the USA does not rely on facts when enacting their laws anymore.  Hence, my post below on Facebook:

"I checked with several sites on the Internet, including Answers in Genesis. Aborted fetuses will make it to Heaven. I can picture them floating around in Heaven in their various stages – some looking like fish fetuses, some like little aliens. Can’t you picture it too?
Just think, some women's fetuses will be waiting for the mothers to reunite with them in Heaven! I wonder what they will say to each other.
If a fetus was forced to develop and then was born as a baby with some painful abnormality which caused it to die, it would be judged when it reached the Pearly Gates; which might just have a worse outcome than terminating the pregnancy when he/she was just a speck. I guess I don’t understand the frenzy to force women to give birth to them."
  • Comment: If it is true that dead babies get an instant ticket to "heaven", then every Christian mass murderer of children is a "holy" martyr for sending those children to "heaven" before they could be corrupted by the world.
    Me: Yes, they do get that free ticket. But I think it would be a holy martyr only if the mass murderer claims he did it in the name of God to save them from this world. It's all in the interpretation, you know.
    Believe, me, I have heard repeatedly how corrupt our world is, and how awful it is to pay attention to "the things of the world." It's a recurring theme, so in a way, abortion is "saving babies!"

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