Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Note sent to the White House

Today I sent this to the White House.  Every once in awhile I send along a good idea, but they may think I am a crazy hippie with this one!  I sent it anyway. 

"We need to take Michelle Obama’s healthy eating plan a few steps further.  I figured this out:  The government pays farmers money in subsidies to abuse and kill animals so we can buy the meat cheaply, to become overweight and possibly sick from diseases due to animal overcrowding and waste, so we will need to buy medicines and make hospital visits, thereby supporting that industry and the health care industry; all the while causing more climate change.  I probably could think of more in this primitive cycle of feeding people via animal slavery.  I do not see anything right with it!  It fits the definition of “a racket” in that those who advocate for it pretend that it does good, when it is harmful.  
We must become more enlightened, more moral, and urge the country’s people to become as close to vegan as they can.  The government can implement this “change for good.”  You can urge farmers to grow grain crops for people’s consumption.  You can stop these subsidies for beef, pork, chicken, turkey and fish.  You can research Dr. McDougall’s many articles on his web site and other doctors who advocate a low fat,  plant based diet.  (We have known meat causes Cancer for 100 years!) 
Now I will throw the Founding Fathers at our present government:  our major Founding Fathers were visionaries who put their enlightenment thoughts into action.  They were bold and progressive, so doing the same ol’-same ol’ is not what our country is about. 
Please bring our country up to standards on morality.  Have them care outside of themselves, outside of their own species.  Teach them to look globally at health issues, food issues and environmental issues.  It will be obvious that meat and dairy must go."

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