Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Bible is not a great guidebook, nor is Jesus all loving and perfect

The Bible really is not the great guidebook it is made out to be.  One of the most confusing statements is The Golden Rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  A person has to sit there and try to figure first, I am going to do unto others, then what that picture is in the head, you have to figure out how you would want others to treat you, then you have to decide to treat others that way!   I always got confused from the start.   
I personally would want a person to make me laugh a whole lot.  So this would mean I should always try to make others laugh; but the truth is, not everyone else has the same personality and some would not appreciate that.  I also am not hilarious, so I would not be able to do unto others as I would wish them to do unto me.  Why didn’t the Bible just say, “Be as nice as you can!” 
But our rules of compassion, altruism, and group thinking come from man before religion, because these rules helped our species to survive.  The earliest words of the Golden Rule, by the way, were written down in approximately 2040 B.C., with many cultures using forms of the Golden Rule in 600 B.C., so this is not a Christian phenomenon.  See:
When I point out that Jesus was violent, most of you will ignore it and say he is Love.  When I point out that a good share of the Bible is violent, you will ignore it and say that you are “spiritual.”  That is a good thing, because it simply means you are thankful to be alive on this earth and that you are trying to be the best person you can be, to yourself and to others.  But you must realize in all honesty, that you are not following the Christianity of the Bible, You have created a God (using your brain) that is pleasing to you and that asks for rules that you want. 
I never found Jesus likeable, nor do I think he actually lived.  There are too many Gods before that who did the same miracles such as turning water into wine, and these miracles came out of those old myths and also from the Old Testament.  It is obvious that they are taken from the Old Testament, but you should pick up a copy of “Gospel Fictions” by Randel Helms to read in detail how we know they were taken from books of the Bible like “Kings.”  It’s a fantastic book.
Jesus is not a kind, loving, New Testament God or son or both.  He definitely has warring tendencies and has a temperament.  He yelled at his mother “What have I to do with thee?”  when she said that a three day wedding at Cana had run out of wine.  The smart thing would have been for Jesus to provide water, to sober them up, but instead he yelled at his mother and then “miraculously” made more wine (in the same manner as Dionysus years before).  Dionysus was a mythical god too. 
Other nonloving things Jesus did are found in the link I am providing. The website is pink – don’t think it is a virus because of the title and because it is pink when you click on it – it is not, and is quite informative!

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