Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alternative to Eating Pet Food!

This post is not to pick on poor people – I’m just scraping the bottom of the barrel myself.  It’s just an observation.  My husband has told me for years that elderly people who have little money will buy dog food and cat food to eat instead of regular food for humans.  I find this goes against logic.  First off, dogs will refuse dog food because they want people food.  Our food just tastes better!  It makes sense to find a cheaper source of people food.  Secondly, have you seen the price of dog food these days?  Even the dog treats are more expensive than a package of crackers.  There is just no justification for it, as far as I can see. 

People are so culturally immersed that their taste buds are fixated on eating meat.  Why not buy huge bags of different beans, corn, rice, potatoes, and pasta.  It only takes a few ingredients, like flour, to make vegan gravy or salsa, and a much nicer, more nutritious meal can be consumed.  

I am convinced that people who cooked their entire lives cannot figure out how to make a meal without meat.  There are so many tasty, affordable options that it is sad that they are resorting to more expensive pet food made of questionable ingredients.

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