Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jesus - Use Your Words!

How often have you heard a mother scold a tyke in the grocery store, pleading, “Use your words! You aren’t using your words!” Inadequate verbal expression seems to be a general failure of most societies, even within the most influential groups. It is dismaying that politicians send young men and women into battle because they call other countries “enemies,” or are not good enough with words to have peaceful and fruitful discussions. Worse yet is a Savior who could not convince all people that he was a Savior by his words, and had to perform tiny miracles (that had already been enacted by others and those original miracles happened to be written in Kings of the Septuagint by the time the authors of the New Testament were writing their stories). Anyway, the miracles still were not impressive enough for world-wide conversion to the new philosophy, soon to be religion called Christianity. Jesus was not given the gift of gab; sometimes sullen, sometimes condescending, often like a spoiled brat when dealing with his mother, and quite humorless; so he decided (or it was pre-decided) that he off himself by getting crucified, with a secondary purpose that it would be the ultimate sacrifice so that God would need no more blood from animals. Of course, animal sacrifice continued for some time after that and continues to this day in some other cultures, so once again, Jesus failed. Even with the “ultimate sacrifice,” 2000 years after Jesus supposedly died only 1/3 of the world is Christian and those numbers are decreasing. Jesus could have stayed alive and walked around his entire life, influencing people, but he did not choose to “use his words,” which is one of the first lessons we teach preschool aged children. Instead, Jesus believed a bloody violent killing/suicide was the way to be the best role model he could be. (I'm having a bit of trouble with my old computer and had to put this into HTML version.)

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  1. You seemingly presuppose that Jesus' words were meant to change all, or that His sacrifice was meant to end sacrifices performed by the Jews, or that more than 1/3 are Christian. Maybe everything is as (and was) as it should be (or should have been).