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Pyramid Texts are Amazingly Similar to Christian Texts

 Enjoy reading a small portion of the ancient Pyramid Texts that follow!  I have put what phrases I think sound similar to words from the Bible.  These texts were written 2300 to 2400 B.C. in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  They have also recently found a tomb of an Egyptian princess dating back to 2500 B.C.!

Often I also see where apologists claim these writings are just prophesies of a god to come, as if these ancient gods did not count and were not real gods to their people!  They also call this “foreshadowing” the story of Jesus; again, claiming the ancient religions were only there to foretell of a true god that will come later.  Looking at these texts a person can see that their gods had already arrived and were sufficient for the people.

It has been warned not to believe false gods by most religions.  Amusingly, the same warnings are in the Pyramid Texts.  There have been and are still so many gods in the world, most religions warn not to even look at other religions. 

Anyway, the writing on the walls of the tombs was to help guide their Kings and other royalty to the afterworld for eternal life.  These texts are extremely reliable in telling what the people of the time believed.  Think about it:  these are the original writings!  With the Bible, and this is fact, the original writings were lost, and what is now the Bible is made of copies of copies, where notes in the margins were incorporated into the text and whole books were discarded at the Council of Nicea over 300 years after Jesus’ death.  These Pyramid Texts tell exactly what the people believed, and obviously were written before the scribes lived who wrote the Bible.  The language tells us that! 

One more note and then enjoy the ancient beliefs - notice when these were written on the walls:  2300 to 2400 B.C.  Remember anything else that was claimed to happen at that time?  Noah’s worldwide flood!  How did these walls made of sand, built during a drought get built under mountain high levels of water? 


Oho! Oho! I will make it for you, this shout of acclaim, O! my father, because you have no human father and you have no human mother; your father is the Great Wild Bull, your mother is the Maiden.

O Unas, you have not gone dead, you have gone alive to sit on the throne of Osiris.  Your captor is in your hand that you may give orders to the living.

You are to purify yourself . . . so that you may be able to be by the side of the god and leave your house to your son, your procreation.

Geb is one of the gods who watch the weighing of the heart of the deceased in the Judgment Hall of Osiris. The righteous who were provided with the necessary words of power were able to make their escape from the earth but the wicked were held fast by Geb.  (See how the judgment ideas are already in existence as part of a religion?)
We also see how the wicked are denied heaven and held by Geb in the same manner as the wicked are denied heaven and assigned to hell in the Christian beliefs.

The king is the son of Atum and is a star. The King's mother was pregnant with him, (even he) who was in the Lower Sky, the King was fashioned by his father Atum before the sky existed, before earth existed, before men existed, before the gods were born, before death existed.

Oho! Oho! Rise up, O Teti!
Take your head, collect your bones,
Gather your limbs, shake the earth from your flesh!
Take your bread that rots not, your beer that sours not,
Stand at the gates that bar the common people!
The gatekeeper comes out to you, he grasps your hand,
Takes you into heaven, to your father Geb.

You shall lay hold of the hand of the Imperishable Stars, your bones shall not perish, your flesh shall not sicken, O! King, your members shall not be far from you, because you are one of the gods.

I say by Nut, the brilliant, the great: This is my son, my first-born, opener of my womb; this is my beloved, with whom I am pleased.

Re (powerful solar God), the body of Nut with the seed of the spirit, which shall be in her.

Remove yourself from upon your left side, put yourself upon your right side, for your seat among the gods endures and Ra (same as Re) leans on you with his arm.

The earth speaks: The doors of the earth-god are opened for you, the doors of Geb are thrown open for you, you come forth at the voice of Anubis, he makes a spirit of you like Thoth, you judge the gods.

Osiris grasps the mace with his fist; his hand grasps the scepter: These are symbols for his administrative rule in the heavens. His administrative power extends to judgment, an attribute widely described in the Texts.

And that he even ascended to Heaven on a cloud, to sit on the throne . . .
"O King, there comes this time of tomorrow and this time of three days; a stairway to the sky is set up for you among the imperishable stars"
Unas opens the gate in the double doors.  You will not do your will with Unas.

Unas has come out of the Isle of Fire, after he has placed Truth there in the place of Falsehood.

Unas is that which appears, which remains.  The doers ( of evil) shall not be able to destroy the favorite seat of Unas amongst the living in this land, eternally to eternity.

There is no word against Unas on earth among men, there is no crime of him in heaven among gods.  Unas has done away with the word against him, Unas has annulled it in order to rise toward heaven.

The Face of the God opens for Unas and Unas sits down on the Great Seat at the side of God.

May you look down from star on Osiris when he gives orders to the spiritual.  You are not of them

Una's span of life is eternity, his limit is everlastingness, eternally and forever

Unas has come to you, hawks, although your houses are closed for Unas.

Unas, it is who judges on the day when the elder is being sacrificed

Unas knows him, Everlastingness is his name, Everlastingness; the Lord of the Year is his name, he with the arm ready to fight.

You who come to Unas as adversaries, come to him!  Unas is his father's self.

Your bread of eternity is yours.

Say to your father that Unas has given you your bread of eternity, when he crosses to him, toward the horizon.

Unas head of Servants of Re.  Not at head of Gods who create trouble (Good and Bad).

O! Osiris the King, you are a mighty God, and there is no God like you.

Everyone who shall speak evil against the name of Unas, . . . shall flee and falter.

Enter then into the place where your father is, . . . you become powerful and full of glory.

You will not perish, who belong to him.

Re – Atum!  Your son comes to you, let him ascend to you!  This is the son of your body, eternally!

“N. was conceived in the night; N. was born in the night.
He belongs, to the Followers of Rē‘, who are before the morning star.

No seed of a god, which belongs to him, goes to ruin; so thou who belongest to him wilt not go to ruin.
The serpent which came forth from the earth is fallen; the flame which came forth from Nun is fallen.
Nut says: The King is the son of my heart.
I am the essence of a god, the son of a god, the messenger of a god.

Bring a meal of the unique Lord

Fear, tremble, you evil doers, before the storm of Heaven.

Ignore not Unas, you know him for he knows you.

Horus, do for his father.  To the Lord of the storm, wrath is forbidden when he carries you.  It is he who will carry Atum.

The One in Peace Greatest One of the Annihilated.  The People of Light here witness for him.

Gate of Nun, Unas comes to you!  Let this (gate) be opened for him!
Ignore not Unas, you know him for he knows you.

The land into which Unas goes, he will not thirst in it, he will not hunger in it, eternally.

Oh Re, you are adored in heaven, Lord of all things.  For his body are all things.

Flame serpent, bring those who speak evil.

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‘Pyramid Texts Online.”  I read all of the texts and copied some.

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I verified the dates by looking at several sites.

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